Picture of Eddie Hall aged 16 shows jaw-dropping body transformation

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Eddie Hall has stunned fans with a throwback picture of himself when he was just 16 years old.

The former World's Strongest Man posted the snap on Instagram along with the caption: "16-year-old Beast."

The image – which looked to be taken while he was on holiday – has blown online users away owing to just how old the Brit looks in the picture, with many saying he looks like he’s in his 30s or 40s.

"No way you are 16 here,” one wrote.

Another quipped: “Definitely got served when he was 12."

One said: "16 mate you look like you've got a job on the doors, a £250k mortgage and 4 kids."

Someone joked: "Definitely was buying beer for everyone in high school without a fakie."

Another said he looked '30', and one other said: "Jeez you look 40."

One wrote: “Bruh you look like a multiple of 16 here.”

Hall is gearing up for his contest against Thor Bjornsson, with the pair set for a showdown in March.

Their exhibition fight, dubbed the 'heaviest boxing match in history', was initially scheduled for September but Hall injured his bicep in training and was forced to pull out.

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The rivalry began back in 2017 when Hall was crowned World's Strongest Man ahead of Bjornsson and the Game of Thrones star felt there was bias officiating.

The 33-year-old then won the title the following year and even managed to beat Hall’s world record for deadlift, picking up 501kg.

Bjornsson has had three boxing fights already, while Hall is yet to step into the ring.

When footage emerged of Hall training last year, the former WBO featherweight champion Alex Arthur tweeted: "Just seen big Eddie Hall punch a bag.

"They actually can’t let him fight Thor. He might get badly hurt! Boxing is a life-and-death sport. People playing it is stupid."

Bjornsson has gone through a rigorous transformation himself and recently beat arm wrestler Devon Larratt, who was a replacement for Hall, in the first round of their bout in Dubai.

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