Pimblett takes swipe at Ian Machado Garry after Edwards training KO

Paddy Pimblett takes swipe at Ian Machado Garry, claiming he ‘does not deserve title shot and was KO’d by Leon Edwards in training’, as all three fighters prepare for UFC 296

  • Ian Machado Garry is surging welterweight and has trained with Leon Edwards 
  • Paddy Pimblett dismissed idea that Irishman could be given a title shot next 
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Paddy Pimblett has taken aim at Ian Machado Garry, dismissing the idea that he could be given a title shot and claiming the Irishman was knocked out by Leon Edwards in training. 

Edwards, who defends his title at UFC 296 against Colby Covington, has trained with Garry in Birmingham and could well fight him in the future given the 25-year-old’s rapid rise. 

Garry revealed last month that he was cast out of Edwards’ gym, Team Renegade. 

When asked about Garry, Pimblett said: ‘Ian Garry doesn’t deserve a title shot, lad, come on. Leon’s already knocked him out in training so we don’t need to know about that.’

Last year, Garry posted a candid video posted on his social media on the way back from the dentist after Edwards had landed a kick in sparring that hurt his tooth. 

Paddy Pimblett dismissed the idea that Garry should be given a title shot 

Ian Garry (bottom)  is no longer welcome at Leon Edwards’ (top) Renegade Gym 

‘We went to hospital this morning because for the past two days I’ve been in excruciating pain – shooting up from my face to my teeth, Garry joked. 

‘Anyone watch the Leon Edwards [vs. Kamaru] Usman fight? Anyone know how that went? One of the best head kicks in the UFC — Yeah, I might have felt what that kick felt like…’

In the post caption, Garry added, ‘But he never would have landed it if my Cardio was on point. I have been off for four months. But he did land it. F*CK.’

Garry denies that the kick knocked him out and recently spoke about no longer being allowed to train at Team Renegade. 

He told the Independent: ‘Leon Edwards, his head coach asked me not to come back to Renegade; told me I’m not allowed to train there.

‘Leon and his head coach had an issue with me training on the mats and recently have asked me not to train there, because, “Leon doesn’t want any insecurities or doubts on his own mats, within the gym,” which I don’t fully understand.

‘I get that we’re both in the top 10 and you might see me as a threat, but I’m not a threat to you right now; I’m not fighting for the title right now. 

‘His coach said the words: ‘Ian is a threat, I cannot have Leon having any doubts or insecurities.’

Edwards takes on Colby Covington in defence of his welterweight title next month

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The gym also publicly stated their stance, saying: ‘If the coaches feel it’s not adding to the team’s culture, a fighter is refused entrance.

Edwards’ team-mate Veronica Hardy, pointed out that Garry ‘is the only person to have ever been kicked out of [Team] Renegade,’ explaining, ‘There’s just basic rules. Be respectful, show up on time, don’t be spreading gossip about other people.’

Garry takes on Vicente Luque on the final card of the year in Las Vegas on December 16. 

Victory would put him in the upper echelons of the division where a showdown with Edwards for the title would be a realistic possibility. 

Pimblett, meanwhile, makes his comeback from injury on the same night. He faces UFC legend Tony Ferguson, who has lost his last six fights.  

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