Ricky Hatton explains truth behind Tyson Fury ‘fat’ photo

Ricky Hatton has explained the truth behind the famous photo of a ‘fat’ Tyson Fury and how it can help people fighting depression.

Fury spiralled into depression, alcohol and drugs after becoming the heavyweight champion by beating Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. The Gypsy King ballooned up to a staggering 28 stone during his stint away from boxing.

He was pictured training alongside Hatton when he launched his inspirational comeback in 2017 and has since lost a whopping 12 stone on his way to becoming the heavyweight champion once more. And Hatton has pointed at his significant turnaround as a point of reference for anyone battling with depression.

The Hitman told Jewson: “Ricky Fatton was famous for losing weight but I think Tyson even beat me there. 12 stone? Oh my Lord. That shows you what a bad place Tyson was in.

“When you ask me what would you say to people with depression, I’d say: ‘have a look at that picture. The size of us two. Look where he was and where he is now. The bad times they don’t last forever.’”

Hatton, who struggled with depression himself after retiring in 2012, shed light on Fury’s struggles from 2015 to 2017.

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He said: “He just got in a very dark place, he was even depressed when he won the world title against Klitschko. He still wasn’t in a good place.

“Tyson has never been driven by money, I think he was driven by the goal to be a champion. I don’t know why his head fell off, it must have just been personal problems. For me it was specific things but for Tyson he was just sat there thinking ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with me.’

The 43-year-old went on to tip Fury to win the clash against Dillian Whyte on Saturday at Wembley. But the Englishman was adamant that the WBC champion would have to box smarter than he has done in his recent encounters with Deontay Wilder.

Hatton said: “I think he will [win]. I am delighted that Dillian [Whyte] has finally got his shot after being number one contender for about three or four years. But Tyson is probably better in every department. He has the height and reach, the speed.

“What worries me about Tyson is he has come out like a 6ft9in Rocky Marciano in recent fights. I think Tyson probably has to resort back to the old Tyson a little bit, let’s not go to war from the first bell. It all depends on what Tyson does rather than Dillian in this fight.”

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