Ted Cheeseman regains British title with dramatic knockout of James Metcalf

Ted Cheeseman inflicted a dramatic knockout on James Metcalf to regain the British super-welterweight title after a gruelling battle in Gibraltar.

The Londoner floored Metcalf with a big left hand in the closing seconds of the 11th round and the Liverpudlian was counted out in a thrilling finish to their domestic battle.

Metcalf had nearly been halted in the fourth round, but stalled Cheeseman’s charge with a stubborn response before an explosive ending.

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Trading at close quarters, Metcalf and Cheeseman quickly exchanged thudding right hands during a lively opening round.


Cheeseman’s right fist was accurate again in the second and the Bermondsey man was not bothered by a bloodied nose as he landed left hooks on Metcalf in the third.

A huge right hand sparked a sustained assault from Cheeseman in the fourth, with Metcalf seemingly on the brink of being stopped.

But Metcalf, son of battle-hardened former fighter Shea Neary, defiantly fired back in the fifth, while he unloaded hurtful right hooks in the sixth.

Cheeseman was stunned by this determined response and his legs stiffened after Metcalf hammered in a right hand during the seventh.

A left hand bounced off Cheeseman’s chin in the eighth, but he bullied Metcalf to the ropes in the ninth, delivering jolting uppercuts.

Both men wearily pumped out punches in the 10th, with the relentless pace taking its toll, but Cheeseman unloaded a massive punch to seal victory in the next.

With just seconds remaining, Cheeseman’s short, sharp left hand dumped Metcalf on his back, and he could not beat the count.

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