Tommy Fury jeered as he coasts through exhibition bout with stand-in

Tommy Fury jeered as he coasts through exhibition bout with stand-in Rolly Lambert after having original fight on Mayweather-Deji undercard scrapped having weighed in SEVEN pounds overweight

  • Manchester-born fighter weighed seven pounds more than original opponent
  • Paul Bamba pulled out of their fight after they failed to agree new financial terms
  • Tommy Fury ended up fighting Rolly Lambert in what proved to be a non-event 

Manchester-born fighter Tommy Fury was jeered as he toiled against Rolly Lambert in a controversial bout on Sunday.

Fury, 23, had been pencilled in to fight Paul Bamba on the Floyd Mayweather-Deji undercard but after weighing in almost seven pounds heavier than his opponent, the fight was called off. 

Bamba had said that he would step into the ring with Fury, who had stepped onto the scales at 181.4lbs, were they to agree the right financial incentives. 

Tyson Fury and Rolly Lambert both largely coasted through their exhibition bout in Dubai

‘There might not be a fight tomorrow night if they can’t come to an agreement with me,’ he said.

‘I’m going through the motions and I’m being respectful right now, but at the end of the day a contract is a contract.’

Such an agreement failed to be reached so Fury was forced to find an opponent – step forward Lambert. 

Clearly unimpressed by his inability to make the contracted weight, the crowd jeered as Fury and Bamba struggled through their six two-minute long rounds. 

Fury had been forced to fight Lambert after he came in over the agreed weight with original opponent Paul Bamba 

With the fight having been made an exhibition bout owing to the situation, neither fighter reportedly appeared that intent on making a mark in the ring and instead it appeared a case of getting through the fight unscathed. 

Much of the interest inside the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai appeared focused on Jake Paul’s, a YouTuber, presence ringside. 

Fury and him have long had a feud with many inside – and out – the boxing world want them to fight to lay down the gauntlet. 

Jake Paul engaged in a ringside spat with both Tommy and John Fury following the former’s exhibition bout in Dubai

Taunts could reportedly be heard being exchanged between the two with Fury said to have called Paul a ‘b******’. 

Paul, who was commentating on the fight, could be heard shouting at Fury that he is ‘f***ing s***’. 

After the fight, the lurid language between the two continued before it appeared to properly denigrate with John Fury, father to both Tommy and his heavyweight brother Tyson, taking his shirt off before shouting at the American: ‘Forget my son, I’m the king of the bare-knuckle man.’ 

Paul responded: ‘You’re a miserable old man. Come fight me right now then.’

The elder fury ripped his shirt on and threatened Paul to join him in the ring

Re-entering the fray, Fury Jr. then shouted back: ‘There’s a certain b***h from ringside that I want in the ring now.

‘Tell him to get in here because he would never have the b***h to get in here and fight a man of this calibre on a few hours notice.’

Afterwards, Fury also defended his performance in the bout with Lambert, telling reporters: ‘I had to come in and fight this man. 15-1, he’s got WBC and WBA titles, he’s knocked out 12. I had the b******* to get in this ring and fight him on a few hours’ notice.’ 

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