Tyson Fury interrupted interview to show reporter X-rated film from camera roll

Tyson Fury once interrupted an interview to show a reporter an X-rated film on his phone.

Since his return to boxing in 2018, the Gyspy King has stayed relatively on the straight and narrow. But in the first half of his professional career there really was no f's given, summed up by a bizarre moment back in March 2016.

Still fresh off his world heavyweight title victory over Wladimir Klitschko, Fury was being interviewed by iFL TV about the fight backstage in the Manchester Arena where he was in attendance as a fan for Carl Frampton's bout against Scott Quigg.

Explaining how he won despite being far less "ripped" than Klitschko, Fury reached for his pocket to get out a picture of the two stood next to each other to show the difference in their physiques.

"It's quite hilarious actually," he said as he pulled his phone out and began to unlock it. The camera panned down and showed Fury opening his camera roll, to which he replied: "Get it off, there's porn on here."

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Rather than letting the reporter take his word for it, the current WBC world champion started playing the video and held it up so they could both see it. "Oh god," was the reaction Fury got as he chuckled away to himself at the stunt.

He did then move on to the snaps with Klitschko as the 14-minute long interview carried on as normal, or as normal as it can get when Fury has a microphone.

He also showed off a belt and pair of shoes made of crocodile skin that he was wearing during the interview.

Fury said: "There’s a belt there, look. There’s a crocodile belt. Animal rights … crocodile belt. Someone’s crocodile died for that c***, and them shoes. There we are (looking at his shoes), another crocodile dead. Do that. Put that in your pipe and smoke it."

At the time he was suffering with mental health issues and didn't get back into the ring again for nearly three years, a far cry from the present day as he prepares to continue his triumphant return against Dillian Whyte this weekend.

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