Tyson Fury’s cut won’t play a part against Deontay Wilder, insists George Groves

George Groves is confident Tyson Fury's cut will not re-open against Deontay Wilder tonight.

Fury was injured by Otto Wallin last September and struggled through nine rounds against the unknown Swede before winning on points.

He required 47 stitches but was able to compete against Braun Strowman in the WWE just six weeks later.

And although Wilder claims he will target the cut, Groves insists Fury should not be concerned.

"Cuts do heal; he'll have a bit of scar tissue there which is more vulnerable than normal skin but if it's been treated well and managed well it wont be a problem," he told After The Bell .

"That will have healed within six weeks maximum and you assume he's done a full training camp of sparring with a headguard on.

"Even though you're taking the shots you do get the rubbing effect and if the skin is weak it's going to go.

"Some guys keep getting cut but its usually because of their bone structure or because they keep getting hit.

"I definitely wouldn't be hedging my bets around the cut, I don't think it will be a factor for Fury to be worrying about."

Wilder, however, claims Fury's cut has already opened up in sparring.

Speaking in a video posted on his Instagram page, Wilder said: "The cut that Fury got in the last fight is going to play a big factor in this fight.

"I heard it got reopened in sparring, that's why he was wearing the hoodie and the shades at the press conference.

"If I cut that thing open again it's going to be a mess and we're going to see what happens after that.

"But I hope it doesn't open, because I don't want this fight to stop. I want people to get their full viewing and money worth for the fight.

"I want this fight to last until I knock him out on the canvas and we see what he does when he hits the canvas this time."

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