Tyson Fury’s reaction to Dillian Whyte wobbling around after uppercut spotted

Tyson Fury's reaction to Dillian Whyte wobbling around after being hit by his uppercut has been caught on camera.

The Gyspy King retained his WBC title as he put Whyte down in the sixth round.

The Body Snatcher; 34, looked at one point as though he would beat the count. Whereupon, caught on camera, Fury was seen crossing his arms in a gesture that he knew that his opponent was finished.

Moments later, Whyte stumbled and fell to the ropes. Referee Mark Lyson called an end to the fight as Fury looks to have finished his career unbeaten with a record of 32 wins and one draw.

The two fighters shared some nice words in the aftermath of the bout at Wembley Stadium but things did become heated in the fourth round.

There were a couple of head collisions and at one point an elbow from Whyte looked to scrap Fury's face.

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After the bout, Fury told BT Sport he is looking to stay true to his word that he made to his wife Paris that he would retire.

“I promised my lovely wife Paris, after Wilder III, that would be it. But I got offered to fight at Wembley, at home, and I believe I owed my fans this … now that’s done, I really think this could be it. And what a way to go out!”

The words sent round the first and only a tidal of boos aimed at the Manchester brawler all night.

Even still, Fury took the time to pay Whyte a huge compliment for his efforts during the bout: He said "Dillian Whyte is a warrior and I believe he will be world champion.

"He is as strong as a bull and has the heart of a lion but he is messing with the best man on the planet."

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