What Anthony Joshua told Eddie Hearn after Tyson Fury stopped Deontay Wilder

Anthony Joshua told Eddie Hearn to come to terms with Tyson Fury over a unification fight after watching his rival stop Deontay Wilder.

Fury produced a stunning performance in Las Vegas against the American knockout artist, dethroning the champion and claiming the WBC title for himself.

Joshua holds the three other major world titles and Hearn has begun the process of campaigning for an undisputed showdown on the orders of his fighters.

‘I’ve already spoken to AJ and he wants to go into this fight next,’ Hearn said on TalkSport.

‘We have to make this fight happen. We will never, ever get the chance for two Brits to fight for an undisputed heavyweight world championship.

‘I promise you we will do everything we can to make this fight. It has to happen.’

‘He loves the Tyson fight, he has has zero fear of fighting Tyson Fury,’ he continued.

‘He has been through everything already and he wants to be undisputed and this is the chance for our sport to have one of those legacy moments that we will never get the opportunity to have again.

‘I heard out of his camp he was going to be aggressive and go for it and I thought it was absolute madness and it ended up being genius from him and his team.

‘Just a wonderful performance. What a time for British boxing – an incredible night. I felt like he could school him but I didn’t think he could school him and beat him up, and he did that.’

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