'Who is that guy?'… 'I don't know!': Chimaev and Till baffled

‘Who is that guy?’… ‘I don’t know!’ Khamzat Chimaev shares footage of hilarious exchange with Darren Till after UFC middleweight Joaquin Buckley baffled pair by trying to arrange a fight

  • Khamzat Chimaev shared footage of exchange with Joaquin Buckley  
  • Initially he tries to arrange fight with Chimaev before Darren Till steps in  
  • They agree to fight before Chimaev asked who it was that approached them 
  • Till then admits he didn’t know in hilarious exchange between team-mates 

Look away now, Joaquin Buckley… Khamzat Chimaev has posted a video of a hilarious exchange between himself and Darren Till after the American approached, trying to set up a fight. 

Buckley, who is not currently ranked, walked up to Till and Chimaev backstage at UFC 273.  

‘You’ve got to let me get a fight bro’, he told Till. 

Joaquin Buckley (right) approached Darren Till and Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 273

After the exchange, Chimaev asked Till who Buckley was and looked confused

Having just agreed to fight him, Till hilariously admitted to not knowing Buckley

‘He (Chimaev) is at 170 right now, I can’t worry about him. But you, I need you. Don’t just say it though, we’re on camera, you better be recording. 

‘Let’s fight in July’, Till said. Buckley replied: ‘Come on, let’s go, don’t just say that. London?

‘You gonna be ready? Till asked.

Buckley insisted: ‘I’ve been ready. Let’s get money, let’s get money bro, alright.’

The American then walked off before Chimaev enquired: ‘Who is that guy?’    

Till paused for a second before answering: ‘I don’t know!’

When Chimaev then had a grasp of the situation he had to be guided away from Buckley by security. 

He told the 27-year-old: ‘Let’s fight now. You want to play gangster, I’m going to f*** you up.

‘F****** b****h,’ Chimaev continued as he and Till walked away. ‘Nobody knows him. He takes a picture then talks about he wants to fight.’

Till is working his way back having lost four of his last five against high quality opposition. It seems unlikely he would actually fight Buckley, given the ranking disparity. 

Chimaev and Till, pictured with Dana White, have formed a close bond as training partners

Chimaev, meanwhile, is making waves at welterweight having just come through a tough decision win over Gilbert Burns. 

Buckley has won his last two fights and is best known for his spectacular spinning back kick KO of Impa Kasanganay.

Evidently Chimaev had little patience for the American’s antics and MMA fans appear to be lapping up the close relationship the Chechen-born fighter and the Liverpool fan favourite. 

They have been training together in Sweden, with Till looking to improve the wrestling aspect of his game while helping his team-mate hone striking skills. 

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