Wilder plays the blame game AGAIN and vows to KO Tyson Fury

‘It wasn’t a knockout… a weak individual in my team did something he wasn’t meant to’: Deontay Wilder plays the blame game AGAIN in an attack on his sacked trainer, before vowing to KO Tyson Fury

  • Deontay Wilder has once again played the blame game ahead of Tyson Fury fight
  • The Bronze Bomber suffered his only career defeat to Fury in Feburuary 2020
  • The 35-year-old was blitzed over the course of seven rounds by the British star 
  • His former coach, Mark Breland, threw in the towel to end Wilder’s misery 
  • Wilder said his defeat was due to a ‘weak individual’ ahead of his trilogy bout 

Deontay Wilder has insisted that he was not knocked out by Tyson Fury during their grudge rematch in February 2020, claiming that his ‘weak’ former trainer was to blame for the defeat.

Wilder, 35, was outclassed by the Gypsy King over seven rounds in Las Vegas when they met 20 months ago, suffering two knockdowns before his trainer, Mark Breland, threw in the towel to end the Bronze Bomber’s misery.

The Alabama knockout artist returns to the ring this Saturday night in pursuit of his former WBC title, having been widely criticised for making a series of lamentable excuses for his only career defeat, including accusations that Fury cheated and that his ringwalk costume was too heavy.

Deontay Wilder has once again played the blame game ahead of his trilogy with Tyson Fury


And Wilder has again played the blame game as he revealed that he was ‘glad’ he lost as it showed fans that he is a ‘warrior’ and only suffered defeat due to Breland, who he described as a ‘weak individual’.  

‘I am actually glad it happened to me, the way it happened to me,’ he told BT Sport. 

‘I showed that I was a true warrior, even the circumstances I was under, I know who I am. I wanted to see what type of man I would be, he showed me his best. Even on my worst night and on his best night he still couldn’t get me out of there. 

‘People tried to label it as a knockout, but that wasn’t a knockout. It was a stoppage because of a weak individual in my team that did something he didn’t suppose to do and that was throw in the towel. 

The Bronze Bomber was battered from pillar to post over seven rounds by the Gypsy King

The one-sided beating resulted in long-time trainer Mark Breland throwing in the towel

‘I ended the fight on my feet. There is a difference between a knockout and ending the fight on your feet. I am just looking forward to this time around and I cant wait again, ‘

Wilder has since sacked Breland and employed former opponent Malik Scott as his trainer. Scott is hoping to formulate the blueprint to solve Fury’s elusive puzzle, and Wilder aimed another dig at Breland when describing the ‘love’ Scott brings to camp.

‘Overall he just brings this positive energy, he brings his love,’ he added I’ve been talking big about love in camp and there’s nothing like it. 

‘Those four letter words to have around you at all times. A lot of people said they love you and they don’t really mean it. When my guys say they love me I know they really mean it. 

Wilder has since sacked Breland (right) and labelled him a ‘weak individual’ on BT Sport

The Bronze Bomber has since teamed up with Malik Scott and aimed another dig at Breland

It’s nothing Malik has taught me but it’s what Malik brings out of me and we are doing it on a consistent basis. These last 17 months have been amazing. The more time I’ve had the better it’s been for me.’

The road to Fury v Wilder III has been long and complicated, with the coronavirus pandemic and plans for the Gypsy King to fight Anthony Joshua almost derailing the trilogy fight.

A US arbitrator ruled that Fury must adhere to his contractual obligation to fight Wilder, scuppering plans of a mega-fight with AJ – who has since lost his heavyweight titles to Oleksandr Usyk.

Wilder said that he had no doubts that he would face Fury again, describing AJ – Fury talk as ‘propaganda’.

‘The Fury AJ talk was never going to happen,’ he said. ‘They never had a contract to begin with, that was all propaganda. 

Wilder has made a host of lamentable excuses – including that his ring walk costume was heavy

‘I knew the truth. Certain fans take the first things they hear without doing research. People want to be first nowadays without being correct. That was the situation. 

‘One thing is for sure: when you put black ink to white paper it’s sealed, it’s called a contract and it’s hard to get up out of that. 

‘As long as I knew I had that contract and we was going to activate it, there was no worries or concerns about the talk, they just hyped it up.’

Wilder has vowed to avenge his defeat 20 months ago, telling fans that the bout will not last long as he bids to reclaim his WBC crown.

‘Fans of boxing are getting a real treat with this one. Every time I step out and enter the ring it’s always a show. It’s going to be a good one while it lasts. I can’t wait, I am ready, it’s been a long time coming.’

BT Sport Box Office will show Fury v Wilder: The Trilogy exclusively live in the UK on Saturday 9th October. For more info go to www.bt.com/sportboxoffice 

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