Wilder's trainer Jay Deas claims he did NOT want the towel thrown in

‘I didn’t think he should have’: Deontay Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas claims he did NOT want the towel thrown in and blames mix-up with co-trainer Mark Breland after Tyson Fury defeat

  • Deontay Wilder fell to a devastating defeat against Tyson Fury in Las Vegas 
  • The Bronze Bomber’s corner threw in the towel in the seventh round of the fight 
  • But Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas says he did not want the fight to be conceded 
  • Co-trainer Mark Breland was the one who actually threw in the towel 
  • REPORT: Tyson Fury blitzes Deontay Wilder in a stunning Las Vegas triumph 

Deontay Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas says he did not want to throw the towel in against Tyson Fury, suggesting there was a mix-up in his corner. 

After being floored in the third and fifth rounds, Wilder’s co-trainer Mark Breland opted to concede the fight in the seventh round by throwing the towel in.

The Bronze Bomber was clearly aghast at the decision, saying afterwards he wanted to ‘go out on my shield’, and his trainer Deas insisted he wanted Wilder to continue despite the battering he was receiving. 

Fury was on the offensive in the corner when the Wilder corner opted to throw in the towel 

Wilder was fuming at the decision after being told by the referee that the fight was over

Deontay Wilder’s trainer Jay Deas admitted afterwards he didn’t want the towel to be thrown in

‘I’m the head coach of the team but we do things a little bit differently, 99% of the time the head coach is also the guy who’s lead coach in the corner,’ Deas said.

‘Ours is a little bit more like an American football team where the head coach doesn’t necessarily call the plays – you have an offensive and defensive co-coordinator. 

‘What happened between rounds was Mark said something about throwing the towel in and I told him, “Don’t do that”, I didn’t think he should do that. 

‘Then the fight went on a little bit longer and then I saw the towel go in so I haven’t talked to Mark about it but we’ll talk about it and figure out what exactly happened there.’ 

‘I didn’t think he should have [thrown in the towel]. Deontay’s the kind of guy who goes out on his shield and he will tell you straight up – don’t throw the towel in.

‘In fact, in the dressing room when Tyson was getting his hands wrapped in one of the earlier fights which they show on the screen in the locker room they had a guy who got stopped, we were like, “Stop the fight, stop the fight”.

Tyson Fury celebrates as the fight is concluded in the 7th round after the towel is thrown in 

Wilder receives medical attention after the defeat – he was bleeding heavily from the ear

Fury consoles Wilder – it is unknown whether Wilder will exercise a third fight option

‘And right when the ref stopped the fight and the towel came in, Tyson looked at his people and said, “Never”. And I said, yeah, that’s the same kind of guy Deontay is, he does not want that. 

‘You’ve always got to consider also that Deontay is a fearsome puncher, so that’s always a difficult thing because he does always have that [ability] to land a big shot and turn things around. 

‘That’s what happened there but Deontay is doing well, he’ll be back, he’ll be all the better for it but congratulations to Tyson and to his team, a class act all the way around, and we’re thrilled to be part of the show with him.’ 

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