Brian Robinson returns to practice just FIVE WEEKS after being shot

Commanders rookie Brian Robinson returns to practice field just FIVE WEEKS after being shot in attempted carjacking, as the ‘half-Wolverine’ running back ‘expects to dominate’ once he’s back on the field

  • Brian Robinson returned to practice Wednesday after being shot on August 28
  • The rookie was projected as the team’s starter before he was hospitalized
  • But now he wants to ‘move forward’ from the incident and help the team 
  • His NFL debut could come as soon as this weekend vs. the Titans
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Brian Robinson made his return to the practice field on Wednesday just five weeks since being shot in the leg and hip in an attempted carjacking.

Robinson was shot and hospitalized on August 28 as two suspects tried to steal his car as he left a seafood restaurant.

But the rookie was thankfully left with non life-threatening injuries and has now made a miraculously quick recovery to return to the gridiron.

Although Robinson had been at the Commanders’ facility following the shooting, he pleasantly surprised himself in his first proper practice since the incident.

Brian Robinson looked thrilled Wednesday to be back practicing for the Commanders

‘I did a little bit more than I thought I would be able to do today,’ Robinson told reporters, ‘so that’s positive.’

‘I expect to dominate as soon as I come back on the field,’ he said.

‘I don’t really want to get too much into what’s in the past. I just plan on moving forward and looking for what’s ahead of us and try to help this team make some progress.’

Running back Jonathan Williams also had high praise for his teammate.

‘He’s half-Wolverine or something, I don’t know,’ he said. ‘I didn’t know the timetable for [the injury]. I’m not a doctor, but nothing really surprises me about him.’

Washington coach Ron Rivera revealed Robinson was medically cleared on Monday, and said there was a ‘very good chance’ he could return to the field this weekend if he continued progressing.

Robinson made his return to the practice field on Wednesday after 38 days out

Coach Ron Rivera revealed Monday that Robinson was medically cleared after the scary ordeal

It’s not currently clear if the former Alabama back will play this weekend, but he could grow into a significant role once he does return to action.

Robinson was projected as the team’s starter in the preseason, and Antonio Gibson has done little to run away with the role with 3.26 yards per carry. 

Regardless of when his NFL debut comes, it’s clear Robinson is grateful to be back practicing. 

‘My passion for this game runs so deep,’ he said.

‘I never thought I’d be in a situation where I had to question or be questioned if I would be able to return back to playing football.’

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