Chris Jericho insults ‘Aaron Mahome’ at AEW show in Kansas City

Chris Jericho tried to insult sidearm-throwing, MVP-holding, soul-stealing, reigning Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes at an All Elite Wrestling “Dynamite” show Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo. (Got to specify with the “Mo.” these days.)

Only, Jericho didn’t actually say “Patrick Mahomes.” He went with “Aaron Mahome” instead. (WARNING: NSFW language and Tomahawk Chop sounds ahead.)

Maybe (probably) that was a part of the bit — butcher the Chiefs quarterback’s name to build heat — but fans didn’t sound all that bothered. They’re still in the “SUPER BOWL, BABY!” phase.

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If 15 was going to be a part of the show, then maybe Jericho’s slam might have had more . . . impact. (Oh, wait, that’s the wrong promotion. Tough to keep ’em all straight.)

Bottom line is, Jericho succeeded because his words are being repeated here, but, man, is “Aaron” going to be upset when he gets word. (Wait, being told there has already been a response on Twitter.)

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