College baseball broadcaster makes absurd barehand catch on foul ball, adds perfect frame job

Once a catcher, always a catcher.

Geoff Haxton is a former backstop, so it makes sense to see him make an absolutely ridiculous snag on a foul ball last Friday night, also perfectly framing the ball and not moving a muscle for the theoretical umpire.

The ball, which came off the bat of Texas Tech batter Jace Jung, made a beeline for the broadcast booth, where it smacked the bare hand of the Texas Tech radio announcer.

Haxton made the grab and even framed the ball so an imaginary umpire behind him could grab a really good look at the ball. 

“My hand hurts so bad right now,” Haxton jested after the grab. (No one would have known otherwise.) 

A former college catcher, Haxton hasn’t played ball since 1996. He’s still got it.

Texas Tech would win the game 7-2. Someone save Haxton’s hand a spot in the ice tub.

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