Colts coach Frank Reich: Fired OC Marcus Brady is ‘not being scapegoated’

The Indianapolis Colts made their second big move in as many weeks Tuesday, firing offensive coordinator Marcus Brady. The dismissal came a week after coach Frank Reich benched quarterback Matt Ryan in favor of Sam Ehlinger.

The initial reaction to Brady’s firing was that he was taking the fall for the offense’s shortcomings, particularly given that it’s Reich who calls the plays in Indy. On Wednesday, the coach denied Brady was the scapegoat.

“That’s really unfortunate. It’s really unfortunate,” Reich said. “I understand that, and so that should fall on me. That’s not Marcus. He’s not being scapegoated, but I understand how that perception is. I have to own that. But I can tell you it’s a collaborative effort. Marcus obviously plays a role, we all work together, we’re all responsible for the work that we do. Marcus did a good job. Ultimately, I made the decision I thought was best for the team.”

Reich called firing Brady, who joined the club in 2018, a “very, very difficult decision.”

“Ultimately, as a head coach, you have to make decisions that are best for the team,” he said. “Both things can be true. Marcus is a really good coach, a really good person, a really good teammate, and sometimes it’s just right for a change.”

The Colts offense ranks in the bottom five in scoring and rushing offense this season and tied for last in giveaways:

  • PPG: 16.1, 30th
  • Rushing YPG: 87.8, 29th
  • Sacks allowed per game: 3.3, T-28th
  • Giveaways per game: 2.0, T-last
  • Red zone TD pct: 47.8, 26th

Reich added that he doesn’t plan to hire an interim offensive coordinator.

“I’ll handle those duties,” he said. “I’m the play-caller. Ultimately, the offense falls on my shoulders. It’s a collaborative effort for sure, but myself and the coordinator are always essential to that game-planning process and play-calling is obviously my deal and the first 15 is my deal, so those things fall on me.”

We’ll see if the change jumpstarts the Colts offense, starting with Sunday’s tilt against the New England Patriots.

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