Lamar sore after ‘cool’ TD flip, would do it again

  • University of Maryland graduate
  • Lives in the Baltimore area with his wife and son

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson hasn’t been discouraged to flip into the end zone again, even though he is still feeling the aftereffects of his first high-flying touchdown in the NFL.

“I’m kind of sore,” Jackson said Wednesday while stretching out both arms. “I didn’t want to tell Coach because Coach would probably (have) said something to me about flipping next time. I don’t know; I’d probably do it again though.”

Jackson then smiled and added, “It was pretty cool.”

In Sunday’s 36-35 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, Jackson punctuated the winning, one-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter with an acrobatic aerial move. He didn’t stick the landing, however. Jackson acknowledged that he fell hard on his backside.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh didn’t see Jackson’s celebratory acrobatics happen. He learned about it later from his wife Ingrid.

“Then I heard his hip hurt, and I’m like, ‘I’m not surprised,'” Harbaugh said Monday.

Will Jackson will be allowed to flip in the future?

“As long as you hold onto the ball,” Harbaugh said. “As long as it results in a touchdown.”

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