Married star accused of backseat cheating

In a stunning radio segment, 20-year-old Kacie Dingess effectively blew up Baker Mayfield’s first Valentine’s Day as a wedded man when she outed him for receiving fellatio from her “a few months ago.”

In a 35-minute on-camera interview with Cleveland radio show “Rover’s Morning Glory,” Dingess claims she caught Mayfield’s eye on Snapchat when she sent him a playful video from a tailgate party outside a Browns pre-season game on August 9 — just a month after his California nuptials.

“I think I bit a beer like how he did and I chugged it and threw it on the floor,” she said of the video, referencing Mayfield’s viral shotgunning stunt at a Cleveland Indians baseball game.

Dingess, a recent high school grad, was stunned when a few days later, an account bearing Baker’s name reached out to her for more.

“It was a weird username,” she explained. “So I just kept asking for proof. ‘Show me that it’s actually you. Obviously I’m not going to believe someone’s adding me, and it’s going to be you.’”

Mayfield, 24, allegedly had a strict system in place for ensuring his new wife, Emily Wilkinson, 28, wouldn’t find out about his allegedly scandalous social media activity.

“He was really sure to be like, ‘OK, you have to show me a video of your entire house, so I know you’re not with anyone,’” she said. He then sent her a photo of himself, she said.

Over the next few months, Mayfield juggled the online tryst and newlywed duties, Dingess said, until finally, she earned his trust — and an invite to the cheesy hook-up site in suburban Cleveland.

“He texted me on the way there and said, ‘You have to leave your phone in the car,’” she told the radio host.

Once inside the tinted-windowed SUV, the pair got down to business quickly.

“I got in the front and he was like, ‘OK are we gonna do this or not,’” Dingess recalled, noting there was “some small talk.”

Radio host Shane French asks: “And what does he do, he just whips it out?”

“Well, we got in the backseat and then he did,” Dingess replied.

The host asks: “Actual sex or just oral sex?”

“Oral,” she said, adding that he did not return the favour.

As for evidence, Dingess appeared to produce a photo for the radio hosts showing what she said was an image of Mayfield’s member she claimed he sent her via Snapchat.

Baker Mayfield is having a rough year in Cleveland.Source:AFP

Dingess said she decided to come forward when Mayfield recently blocked her on Twitter.

“Did me giving you head in your back seat…idk…maybe cause some problems??” Dingess wrote in a since-deleted tweet, along with a photo showing Mayfield had blocked her.

Dingess — whose social media feed consists of typical 20-something antics including drinking, attending concerts and parties and posing for scantily clad selfies — said the hookup was an open secret in her tiny hometown of Rittman, Ohio, which is about a 50-minute drive to FirstEnergy Stadium, where the Browns play.

“I’m from, like, a really small town, so everyone in my town already knew about it,” she said. “I didn’t think it would blow up as fast and big as it did.”

Wilkinson, the sister of internet celebrity Sammy Wilk, appears to be standing by her hubby.

“Even if people don’t want you to be, you’re always perfect in my eyes. ilysm,” she wrote in a Valentine’s Day Instagram post, three days after Dingess’ interview aired.

The couple could not be reached for comment. Dingess did not return Post messages seeking comment.

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