Mia Fevola reveals ‘shock’ diagnosis after health battle

Melbourne socialite Mia Fevola has gone public with her health battle after being diagnosed with a disease that “shocked her.

The daughter of footy great Brendan Fevola and Instagram influencer this week revealed she finally has an explanation for why she has privately been feeling run down.

The 21-year-old posted on Instagram she’s been diagnosed with coeliac disease – a long-term auto-immune disorder.

It is the first time she has revealed her health battle after being seen out and about in Melbourne in recent months with boyfriend Jamarra Ugle-Hagan.

“Yesterday I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, I actually thought I was coeliac a few years ago and went gluten free but eventually just died off it,’’ Fevola wrote on Instagram.

“I never realised the seriousness of coeliac disease, I always thought it was just a gluten free diet. I was actually really upset after finding out because not only is it a huge lifestyle change for me but the way my doctor was trying to express the seriousness freaked me out.”

She said the disorder is the reason she has been feeling “so average”.

“It’s also the reason why I can’t put on weight. My doctor explained that if my body isn’t absorbing nutrients like calcium, my bones will be brittle and by the time I’m 40 it can lead to osteoporosis and other serious health problems,” she posted.

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Jamarra Ugle-Hagan and Mia Fevola at her birthday partySource:Supplied

“The reason this is such a shock to me is because my whole teenage years I’ve been eating such an intense carb overloading diet, I would eat six pieces of bread a day, pasta, etc in an effort to gain weight, when in reality it was doing the opposite effect and causing nutrient deficiencies, so obviously it’s a huge lifestyle change and I feel as though every meal I eat contains gluten.”

Father Brendan had also let some of the details of his daughter’s health battle slip during his Melbourne radio show this week.

She said she is just relieved to have an answer to all her questions.

“I’m really grateful to my doctor, he saw my iron levels were low so he wanted to run a test for coeliac which I didn’t even know could be a reason for low iron,’’ she wrote.

Mia Fevola and friends. Pic: InstagramSource:Supplied

“Although it upset me, it could be a lot worse and I’m relieved all my other results were clear!

“This answers SO many questions for me, I have publicly shared my struggle with weight gain and privately struggled with genuinely feeling so low in energy, exhausted and overall affecting my moods, which I now know is from a lack of nutrients, despite trying to shard to fuel my body with good foods.

“Some of the tests to come freak me out but I’m so excited to finally start feeling amazing when I’m on top of this.”

She added: “If you take one thing from this, let it be LISTEN to your body, if you have a gut feeling about something please go get it checked, and if you struggle to put on weight (which many of you have messaged me about this before) this may be the case for you too. I didn’t have the typical symptoms (and some people gain weight from being coeliac too) so ask to get checked! I’m so happy I finally have answers.”

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