NFL Combine 40 times tracker: Who has the fastest 40-yard dash in 2020 draft?

Generally, an NFL Draft prospect’s 40-yard dash time tells pro teams little about his potential to succeed as a player at football’s highest level. But NFL Combine 40 times sure are fun to track.

The 300-plus players at the 2020 NFL Combine in Indianapolis, after all, treat their drills and on-field workouts as a competition. So the player who leaves the Combine with the fastest 40 time will rightfully wear such an accomplishment as a badge of honor regardless of where he eventually gets selected in the NFL Draft.

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Alabama wide receiver Henry Ruggs III, for example, is a potential first-round pick in April’s draft. But his focus at the Combine, he admitted earlier in the week, is breaking John Ross’ 40-yard dash record. Ross was selected ninth overall by the Bengals in the 2017 NFL Draft a couple months after he recorded a 4.22-second 40 at the Combine. A similarly blazing time for Ruggs could land him even higher in the first round than expected.

“My goal is to be the fastest ever,” Ruggs told CBS Sports on Tuesday.

Of course, balancing out the pride a player might experience after a fast 40 time is the sobering reality that, for most prospects, it means nothing. Keep in mind Tom Brady was the second slowest quarterback at the NFL Combine 20 years ago. Turns out simply being good at football matters just a tad more.

As for the top 40 times from the 2020 NFL Combine, below is a tracker of the fastest players as quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, offensive linemen, specialists, defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs run their 40s on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

NFL Combine 40 times

Below are the 10 fastest 40-yard dash times recorded at the 2020 NFL Combine.

(The table will be updated as 40 times are recorded over the four-day period of on-field workouts.)

Top marks for 40-yard dash, bench press, other drills

Additionally, here are the five fastest 40 times for each position group at the 2020 NFL Combine.

(The tables will be updated as 40 times are recorded over the four-day period of on-field workouts.)

(Complete QB results)

(Complete WR results)

(Complete TE results)

(Complete RB results)

(Complete OL results)

(Complete ST results)

(Complete LB results)

(Complete DL results)

(Complete DB results)

NFL Combine 40-yard dash schedule

The schedule for the NFL Combine in 2020 was adjusted to satisfy the league’s perpetual thirst for prime-time TV viewers and ratings. The on-field workout portion of the NFL Draft scouting event traditionally had taken place through the mornings and early afternoons of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during Combine week.

In 2020, those workouts will begin at 4 p.m. ET and end at 11 p.m. ET on the same days, with the exception being Sunday (2-7 p.m. ET).

The complete TV schedule for the 2020 NFL Combine can be viewed here.

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