NFLPA reps vote to extend CBA voting deadline

The NFLPA’s board of player representatives has voted to delay the deadline for the vote on the proposed collective bargaining agreement by 48 hours, the NFLPA announced Monday.

The 32 player representatives and the members of the NFLPA’s executive committee held their annual meeting in Miami on Sunday and Monday. While holding in-depth discussions on the proposed CBA, the decision was made to delay the vote that originally carried a deadline of 11:59 p.m. Thursday. Now, all players have until 11:59 p.m. Saturday to submit their electronic ballots.

The goal is to give the player reps more time to relay to their teammates all of the CBA-related information that was discussed in the union meetings. The hope is that delaying the vote will ensure that the entire player body is as informed as possible prior to voting on the labor deal that the NFL would operate under for the next 11 years.

The proposed CBA – namely the expansion of the regular season to 17 games and the revenue split, which would increase from 47% to 48% and eventually 48.5% if the 17th game is instituted – has been the source of contention among players.

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An update on our CBA vote:

Some see the proposed changes, which include an increase in salary for players earning the veteran minimum, and other improved benefits, as positives. However, others remain staunchly opposed to a 17th regular-season game, and also believe that the revenue split should increase to around 50%.

If the majority rules in favor of the proposed CBA, most of those rules would take effect this season, although the 17th regular-season game wouldn’t happen until 2021 at the earliest.

The current labor deal doesn’t expire until after the 2020 season. However, NFL owners are making a push to get the deal done early to position themselves to negotiate more lucrative broadcast deals. The owners have said that if they are unable to finalize a new CBA this offseason, they do not plan on negotiating during the season, which increases the chances of a work stoppage in 2021.

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