Pat McAfee makes vow after multi-million dollar broadcast switch

The Pat McAfee Show is set to move to ESPN permanently, reportedly walking away from a $120 million deal with FanDuel and insisting the format and feel of the show will not change despite a switch a mainstream broadcaster. The former Indianapolis Colts punter announced the news via his Twitter account account, with reports suggesting he will now be amongst the highest paid names with ESPN.

The much loved show will remain on YouTube via ESPN’s platform while also being on ESPN and ESPN+ channels but most importantly to its fans, the show will remain in the same structure – giving McAfee full creative control.

The show had originally been with Barstool Sports, before leaving after just one year, making his show independent. In 2021, McAfee signed a four-year deal with FanDuel worth a reported $120million, but with that deal just two years old, the New York Post’s are reporteding McAfee and his team appear to be ready to leave that deal to join ESPN.

McAfee said: “We had four fantastic offers from four great platforms and networks – it was an honour to talk to those. What I discovered in these negotiations is what a lot of these suit folk are seeing as the future of sports talk… I think that’s a really cool thing.”

He added: “The rumours were accurate, beginning this fall our show will be on ESPN, ESPN+ and ESPN YouTube.”

McAfee confirmed that the show – which broadcast an interview with Aaron Rodgers in Marchwhere the four-time MVP confirmed his intention to leave Green Bay Packers for the New York Jets – will be on immediately after First Take – ESPN’s current biggest show.

The move to ESPN, owned by Disney, will need to see them tone down on certain language, however, McAfee promised that he will still have full control.

He said: “Why would ESPN want to license our show and change it entirely? That makes no sense.

“I will still have full control of the show. The programme will never lose it’s soul – we will continue with everything but with a bigger reach.”

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