Patriots trade rumors: Stephon Gilmore gets a high price tag as deadline rental

Stephon Gilmore made headlines last week when his Foxborough, Massachusetts home was put up for sale. As NFL trade deadline rumors pick up on deadline day, it looks like there’s a chance Gilmore will have a reason to sell.

The Patriots’ star cornerback and 2019 Defensive Player of the Year has been discussed as a trade candidate in recent weeks as New England has limped to a 2-5 start to the 2020 season. He’d instantly become the best player in almost any secondary across the NFL. He won’t come cheap, though, with another year remaining on his contract and the Patriots’ asking price reportedly a first-round pick plus a player, according to ESPN. 

Below, we’ll keep track of the latest Gimore trade rumors on Nov. 3 ahead of the NFL’s 4 p.m. ET trade deadline. We’ve also broken down his contract details that would influence what teams might be able to afford him.

Stephen Gilmore trade rumors

Note: All specific times listed are on Nov. 3, 2020, the day of the NFL trade deadline.

— 10:23 a.m.: Bill Belichick told reporters Tuesday morning that a consideration for the Patriots at the trade deadline is cap space in 2021, according to the Boston Herald. Gilmore has a cap hit in 2021 of more than $17 million.

— 7:45 a.m.: ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported that the New England asking price for Gilmore consists of a first-round pick plus a player in return for the 2019 Defensive Player of the Year. 

— Week of Oct. 26: Gilmore puts his Foxborough home on the market for a reported $999,000. He listed the sell-by date as Nov. 3 at 5 p.m., one hour after the NFL’s trade deadline.

Stephon Gilmore contract breakdown

Gilmore’s base salary for the whole 2020 season is $13 million. He’d have about 9/17ths of that remaining to be paid by a team that would acquire him at the trade deadline, which equates to approximately $6.9 million. In addition, Gilmore is paid about $156K for each game he is active in 2020, which would lead to another nearly $1.5 million paid to Gilmore by an acquiring team if he plays every game the rest of the regular season.

A team that acquires Gilmore would almost certainly keep him on in 2021, but if that team chose to release Gilmore at the start of the next league year, his dead cap number is $7.67 million, almost $10 million in savings from what Gilmore’s cap hit would be on a roster in 2021. 

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