Report claims AFL coaches exchanged alleged threats in heated sideline incident

The bitter fall out to Geelong’s fiery win over the Lions on Friday night has taken a bombshell turn with a report alleging the two coaches exchanged threats during a second incident missed by TV cameras.

Cats coach Chris Scott’s ugly quarter-time stand-off with Lions players overshadowed the hugely controversial umpiring decision that saw the Cats hold on for a one-point win.

Unconfirmed rumours surrounding Scott’s heated words with Lions players have swirled since Scott on Friday night suggested Brisbane’s Brownlow medallist Lachie Neale started the whole saga with some choice words.

According to reports on Monday night, Scott is set to receive a rap on the knuckles from the AFL after the incident was reviewed.

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A report has now emerged claiming Scott and Lions coach Chris Fagan traded heated verbal barbs at the end of the quarter time break as they made their way back to their coaches boxes.

“What is fascinating is the exchange that took place between Chris Scott and Chris Fagan at the end of the quarter time break,” Channel 9 Footy Classified reporter Caroline Wilson said on Monday night.

Chris Scott was right in the middle of things.Source:FOX SPORTS

“It was an angry exchange, there were different versions of what happened. But what we know is Chris Scott was walking to head up the race, saw Chris Fagan on the boundary line, gave him a filthy look, walked over towards him, closer than he needed to.

“Geelong’s version is that Chris Fagan started the angry verbal exchange. Brisbane’s version is that Chris Scott started it. Certainly, there was a reference to Chris Fagan’s age and not a very complimentary one at that. Angry swear worlds. Alleged threats from both sides, which weren’t really serious.

“By the end of the game, the version from Geelong is that at some point that night they had made up via text message.

“There’s still a lot of bad blood today.”

Wilson also said Lions players were sledging Cats star Gary Rohan about his private life.

The former Swans star separated from his wife Amie just months following the birth of their third child, Sadie Rose, last year.

On Monday night, Fox Footy AFL 360 co-host Mark Robinson also reported some words were exchanged between Fagan and Scott after Scott’s first skirmish with Lions players had broken up.

Geelong coach Chris Scott was involved in a verbal exchange with Brisbane players at quarter time.Source:Geelong Advertiser

“The Geelong Football Club was actually telephoned (on Sunday) and the question was asked … (whether) Chris Scott tried to fight Chris Fagan, or offered to fight him, outside the ground – which is utterly ridiculous,” Robinson said.

“Now there were some words said – Chris Fagan said something to Chris Scott … Fagan came out late and was backing up his players.”

Despite claims the two feuding coaches had reached a cease-fire agreement, Fagan on Saturday suggested Scott should have restrained himself.

“Personally I would not choose to speak to opposition players, I don’t think it is appropriate,” he said on 3AW radio.

“I don’t know how often it happens, pretty rarely I guess.

“I wasn’t there to see how it all started, but I think from a coaching perspective you just need to restrain yourself no matter how you feel at that moment.”

The Geelong mentor had to be pulled away by his own players, including Cam Guthrie and captain Joel Selwood, as he exchanged terse words at the break with Lions players.

Mitch Robinson, Joe Daniher and Harris Andrews appeared to be caught up in the confrontation and Scott later revealed Lachie Neale goaded him into becoming involved, after the reigning Brownlow Medallist copped a whack off-the-ball from Rohan.

Rohan thought Neale was acting.Source:News Corp Australia

“I was walking onto the ground and Lachie Neale just said to me something like — I couldn’t understand exactly what he said — but something about Gary Rohan,” Scott said.

“And I said, ‘I’m happy to have the conversation with you if you like. I’ve seen the vision and I’m comfortable with it’.

“I suspect he didn’t hear all of that. That’s all that was said.

“I think a few of them, they weren’t paying me compliments. I didn’t say anything after that.”

Further reports suggest a Brisbane player may have sledged Scott about his team’s performance in the 2020 grand final, which it lost to Richmond by 31 points.’s Damian Barrett reported Scott may have questioned the visiting team’s toughness, to which a Lions star replied with a sledge along the lines of: “Not as soft as you p****s in the grand final.”

The dramatic bust-ups came after COVID-19 caused chaos before the first bounce in Geelong, because Queensland recorded a new coronavirus case — who visited a dozen Brisbane venues while infectious.

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