Trevor Bauer setting up ‘Sandlot’-style pickup game, with every player mic’d up, in Arizona

To combat MLB's decision to suspend spring training and delay the start of the regular season as the country and world grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, one of the game's most vocal leaders — Cincinnati Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer — is organizing a "Sandlot" themed pickup game in Arizona for major and minor leaguers who want to keep competing despite the layoff. 

The idea started with a tweet from right-handed pitcher David Carpenter, a 34-year-old in camp with the Reds, sent to Bauer about a pickup baseball game.

Bauer was in right away and less than 12 hours after Carpenter first suggested it, the "Sandlot" game was on the books — with a catch. All players participating will wear microphones; Bauer has long been a proponent, with his voice becoming quite critical at times of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. 

To any @MLB or @MiLB players in AZ who want in on this sandlot game, please respond to this tweet and @Watch_Momentum will organize with you. All pitchers and hitters will be micd up. Mandatory. Open to any other rule suggestions. Let me know!

Confirmed, this is happening. All content and live streams from this event will be distributed through @Watch_Momentum and my personal channels (@Twitter, @instagram, @Facebook, and @YouTube) No further announcements will be made so follow now or risk missing it entirely. ????

The event will be streamed through the social media channels of Bauer's media company, Momentum. 

"No further announcements will be made so follow now or risk missing it entirely," he tweeted. 

It's unknown who will suit up, or if the field will be lit by fireworks, but viewers will be able to hear everything they have to say. 

"You're killing me, Smalls!" 

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