Week 5 had many college football trolls, but which one was the best out of the bunch?

Week 5 of the college football season is coming to a close, and there has been a considerable amount of on-field action — and plenty of trolling.

The week featured five top-15 matchups. But overall, this season has been rough for ranked teams as 25 AP-ranked squads have already lost this season, the most through the first four weeks of the season ever. No.12 Ole Miss vs. No.1 Alabama had all the makings of a major matchup. Along with being the next chapter of Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin’s well-documented relationship, it featured two Heisman favorites in Matt Corral and Bryce Young. It also happened to be the next stop on Arch Manning’s recruiting tour.

Ole Miss had the catch of the day — and possibly the year — in Braylon Sanders’ one-handed snag. Other than that, it was Bama all the way. On the Crimson Tide’s sideline, a Loki variant was seen “marvelling” (see what I did there?) at the scoreboard.

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The College GameDay crew headed to Athens, Georgia, for the No. 2 Georgia and No. 8 Arkansas matchup. The Bulldogs notched their second shutout in a row, with a decisive 37-0 win over the Razorbacks. For those keeping track at home, Georgia has outscored its last two opponents by a whopping 99-0.

Arkansas, who typically has a top-notch social media presence, had a straightforward approach for their postgame tweet.

On the bright side, Uga enjoyed his view.

The Wisconsin Badgers have had some tough luck in recent weeks as their last two opponents have had some fun with what is supposed to be their hype song.

Michigan nursed a healthy lead over Wisconsin and took some time to celebrate when “Jump Around” was played.

A wise man once said, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Stanford’s band saw that phrase and ran with it as they performed the National Anthem ahead of their matchup against No.3 Oregon with Oregon State’s motto appearing on the drum.

Needless to say, the Beavs were pleased.

Stanford continued their online antics after upsetting Oregon in a 31-24 overtime win.

Last week, Notre Dame trolled Wisconsin with their play on “Jump Around.”

Unfortunately for the Fighting Irish, they were on the other end of the stick this week as the Bearcats had some fun online.

Ohio State’s troll over Big Ten conference-mate Rutgers took quite a bit of planning.

Spoiler alert: those tweets read Go Bucks, a tedious, yet supportive move by the team’s social media account.

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