Yankees’ Brett Gardner receives restraining order against fan due to ‘possibility of injury’

Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner successfully argued in court that he needed a restraining order against a woman who has been accused of harassing him online and in person.

The order, granted by a justice in Bronx (N.Y.) Supreme Court on Monday, prohibits Gina Devasahayam, 46, from coming within 500 feet of Gardner, his family or an MLB stadium because of the “possibility of injury” to him or his family. Devashayam has until Thursday to produce sufficient evidence to change the ruling.

Devasahayam claims Gardner, 36, is in love with her and posts about him persistently on social media. She tried to sneak into the visitors’ clubhouse at Camden Yards in Baltimore last season to see Gardner before being stopped by security, and she filed a lawsuit against the Yankees when they prevented her from attending a postseason game in October.

Devasahayam has been dismissive of the allegations against her and has used her Twitter account as a means of expressing her perspective. Some of her posts, however, seem to offer credence to Gardner’s stated concerns.

Throughout the 2019 season, she made suggestive posts about Gardner, even tweeting out a picture in front of the venue she wishes to marry him.

Gardner is married. He claimed in court documents that he has never met Devasahayam.

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