F1 fans have mixed response to new Red Bull car with big issue highlighted

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Red Bull received a mixed response to their new F1 car livery on social media, after revealing it for the world to see on Wednesday. Some praised the familiar colour scheme as “iconic”, but many others bemoaned the fact that the RB18’s paint job remains very similar to many of its predecessors.

Red Bull became the second team on the grid to reveal what their 2022 car will look like when it made its big reveal on Wednesday.

That was following on from Haas, who showed off their design last Friday.

With another ‘Russian flag-inspired’ paint job, the Haas car did not look dissimilar from their machine from the 2021 season.

Fans hoping to see something radically different from Red Bull’s reveal were left disappointed, as their 2022 colours will remain splashes of red and yellow on top of the traditional navy base.

Many were quick to criticise, with one Twitter user pointing out the team is using “the same livery even after winning your first championship for seven years”.

Another said the slight variation in the placement of colours “makes it look like the F2 cars”, mostly because of the block yellow nose.

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And many others responded with witty memes making fun of the familiar design that Red Bull will once again be using.

Others were more positive, though, such as a fan who said: “It’s becoming iconic now, don’t fix something that isn’t broken.”

Another wrote: “Looks as expected, but always catches the eye on track. Will we see any exclusive liveries this year without Honda?”

Meanwhile, one fan was more bothered about the reveal show itself than the livery: “The most exciting thing was seeing them together again. Really looking forward to seeing them on the track, seeing them win several races and be a very successful team in 2022,” they said.

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And, as many commenters pointed out, while the livery is an indication of the paint job we can expect to see, the actual design of the car itself is likely to change between now and the start of the season.

Team principal Christian Horner admitted as much at the car launch, with no team willing to risk giving their rivals a peek at their innovations.


“With the new regulation changes this year, the whole philosophy has altered from last year, which means every single component is different to last year’s car,” he said. “It’s a clean sheet of paper for every single team.

“By the time we get to the first race, the RB18 won’t look much like it looks today, the evolution will be very quick as we progress through the season.

“It is a steep learning curve for everyone and it is a race of development between the first race and the last race.

“We believe we have a good car for 2022, the RB18 is coming to life and seeing it today is fantastic. It has been a huge effort from the team and I am looking forward to seeing it out on the track now.”

Horner’s words echoed those of adviser Helmut Marko, who revealed last week that there is still plenty more work to be done on the car.

There are still likely to be changes between now and when the car first takes to a track for testing in Barcelona later this month.

“The new car will only be ready shortly before the test in Barcelona,” the Austrian told F1 Insider. “From there we will further develop and update the car in Bahrain.”

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