F1 fans slate Ferrari’s double DNF in Azerbaijan GP and ‘overrated’ Carlos Sainz

Formula One fans have slammed Ferrari over their disastrous double DNF at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Ferrari’s weekend in Baku unravelled as both drivers were forced to retire after issues with their cars. Carlos Sainz’s rotten luck this season continued when a hydraulics problem on lap nine saw him park up at Turn-4.

The Spaniard had been trailing Max Verstappen in fourth place when he retired for the third time already this season. And despite it being no fault of Sainz’s on this occasion, fans have savagely slammed the Ferrari man, who signed a two year contract extension in April.

One fan tweeted: “Carlos Sainz is the most overrated driver in F1. The end.”

Another sarcastically jibed: “Bet Ferrari are glad they gave Sainz that new contract.”

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But Ferrari’s issues quickly turned into a full-blown nightmare as race leader Charles Leclerc was also forced to retire due to a problem with his car. A power unit failure on lap 20 saw his Ferrari unleash smoke onto the track as Leclerc suffered heartbreak yet again.

It marked the second time in three races that the Monegasque had to retire from a winning position after a car failure. And fans have taken to social media to voice their anger at Leclerc having his pursuit of the championship thwarted by Ferrari’s persistent issues.

One wrote: “Oh, Ferrari. Oh, Ferrari. Wrap this championship up in a pretty little bow and hand it to Red Bull.”

Another tweeted: “Ferrari throwing away the constructor's and title. At this rate Red Bull will cruise to both.”

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