Grosjean crash area adds tyres but investigation may take two MONTHS

FIA adds new steel barrier with tyre wall where Romain Grosjean suffered horror 140mph crash at the Bahrain GP… but ahead of second Sakhir race admits it will take two MONTHS to complete incident’s accident report

  • Romain Grosjean’s crash at Bahrain Grand Prix destroyed the Armco barrier
  • Concrete blocks replaced area following the restart after his 140mph crash
  • But they have since been removed as the FIA have added a much safer tyre wall
  • Other alterations have also been made to the track ahead of Sakhir Grand Prix 
  • FIA have also admitted investigation into crash could take up to eight weeks 

The FIA have moved swiftly to make the Sakhir Circuit safer following Romain Grosjean’s terrifying crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday.

After careering off on the opening lap into the Armco steel barrier following turn three at 140mph, the Frenchman’s car exploded into a ball of flames before he miraculously escaped the Haas cockpit suffering just minor burns.

With the barrier severely damaged as a result of one of F1’s most shocking crashes in recent memory it was replaced with a concrete block after the race was restarted.

Romain Grosjean’s 140mph crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix left the Armco barrier destroyed

Track workers clean the crash site, with the area to be reinforced with a new barrier protected by a conveyor belt of tyres ahead of Sunday’s Sakhir Grand Prix

But with Formula One hosting a double header at the venue, it will return this weekend for the Sakhir GP and the sport’s governing body have reinforced safety measures at that section of the track.

To greatly reduce the chances of a similar incident there will be a new metal barrier introduced in place of the concrete and this will be protected by a conveyor belt featuring two rows of tyres.

The Sakhir circuit will be run on the track’s outer section layout, which means turn nine, which was turn 13 last Sunday for the traditional grand prix route, will become much faster and it too has seen changes to protect drivers.

‘Following a review of the recent Bahrain FIA Formula One World Championship event with the FIA F1 Race Director, the FIA Circuit Inspector and the FIA Safety Department, the following changes will be made to the Bahrain International Outer Circuit in advance of this weekend’s forthcoming Sakhir Grand Prix, the FIA stated.

After his crash resulted in a huge fireball, Grosjean miraculously leaps the barriers to safety

‘Two rows of tyres with conveyor belt will be installed on the right hand side between T3 and T4.

‘The tyre barrier on the right hand side of T9 will be extended and increased in depth to four rows of tyres with conveyor belt. 

Other changes at the now faster turn nine will see a kerb which is placed before it being removed to reduce the chances of a car becoming airborne while using the faster track layout. 

The FIA have also said it will take two months to publish the accident report following Grosjean’s incident.

The 34-year-old was released from the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital on Wednesday having suffered burns to his hands after his car split in two and burst into flames.

The French driver managed to escape the terrifying incident with just minor burns to his hands

An investigation has since been launched by the FIA, with the federation confirming on Thursday that it is ‘expected to take around six-to-eight weeks to complete before findings are made public’.

FIA Safety Director Adam Baker said: ‘As with all serious accidents, we will analyse every aspect of this crash and collaborate with all parties involved.

‘With so much data available in Formula One, it allows us to accurately determine every element of what occurred and this work has already begun.

‘We take this research very seriously and will follow a rigorous process to find out exactly what happened before proposing potential improvements.’

Haas driver Grosjean will be replaced by Pietro Fittipaldi for this weekend’s Sakhir Grand Prix, but the Frenchman could return for the season finale in Abu Dhabi on December 13 for what could be his last race in F1 following his release by team at the end of the campaign.

Grosjean has since been released from hospital but will not race for the team this weekend

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