Hamilton's rant at Mercedes team 'completely understandable

Nico Rosberg insists Lewis Hamilton’s foul-mouthed rant at his Mercedes team was ‘completely understandable’ – after after the seven-time champion said their pit stop strategy ‘f***ing screwed’ him out of a win at the Dutch Grand Prix 

  • Lewis Hamilton was left furious after he missed out on victory at the Dutch GP
  • The seven-time World Champion berated the Mercedes team over the radio
  • Max Verstappen won his home GP to take a further stride towards another title 

Nico Rosberg has defended his former team-mate Lewis Hamilton for his rant at his Mercedes team after he felt he was ‘screwed’ out of a podium finish at the Dutch Grand Prix. 

Hamilton, who qualified fourth but saw an improved performance from his car during the race, was incredulous at his team after mistakes were made in relation to not pitting cost him a podium. 

Speaking to Sky Germany after the race, Rosberg said: ‘They decided to take the risk with Lewis, left him out to have a chance of winning. 

Lewis Hamilton was left furious after Max Verstappen passed him at the Dutch Grand Prix

‘If you do that with George, he definitely wouldn’t win. That’s clear because he falls behind Max.

‘So if you’re going to take a risk for the win, you have to do it properly and also leave George out so he blocks Max and gives Lewis an even better chance of winning,

‘That’s what went a little bit wrong from my point of view.’

Hamilton was foul-mouthed towards his team over his radio, saying they ‘f****** screwed’ him out of victory at the Dutch GP.

The Mercedes driver felt his team had cost him a chance of victory through mistakes made

Rosberg defended Hamilton’s anger, saying it was frustrating to not only see an opponent speed past having switched to soft tyres but then also your own team-mate. George Russell finished second behind Verstappen.   

‘First he gets overtaken and loses the win, then his team-mate flies by,’ he said. 

‘That’s not a good feeling, believe me! It’s really annoying.

‘And for Lewis, one thing led to another. It was a really terrible experience for him. Of course you’re incredibly frustrated on the radio. That’s completely understandable.’

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team director, has become infamous somewhat for his table-bashing rants after mistakes are made. 

Rosberg suggested something similar could be expected of Hamilton, saying the matter is unlikely to have been left out on the track. 

‘I guess he’ll get heated again behind closed doors. He’ll bang on the table a bit,’ he added. 

Nico Rosberg defended his former team-mate saying that his anger was ‘completely understandable’

Hamilton himself apologised after the race, insisting he wished to view it from a ‘glass half full’ perspective having calmed down when off the track.   

‘I don’t even remember what I said,’ Hamilton said. ‘I just lost it for a second. But I think they know that there is just so much passion.

‘I want to look at it as a glass half-full. We came here struggling from the last race. We were fighting against the Red Bulls. We were quicker than most at many points.

‘So many great things to take from it. The car was finally working. If this can be the same in the future races, we’re going to be continuing to breathe down their necks and we’re going to get that win.’

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