Horner says Red Bull could lose half-a-second a lap after cost cap punishment

Christian Horner has claimed Red Bull could lose up to half-a-second per lap due to their punishment for breaching F1’s cost cap.

The Milton Keynes-based team have been fined £6.05m for breaking financial rules, the sport’s governing body has confirmed. The FIA announced that the team, which carried Max Verstappen to a contentious championship victory over Lewis Hamilton last year, overspent by £1.86m.

Red Bull have entered into an Accepted Breach Agreement (ABA) with the FIA which will also see their aerodynamic testing time reduced by 10 per cent next year. The deal, which ensures Red Bull lose any right to appeal, avoids the team risking a harsher punishment.

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Many fans are unhappy with the punishment, claiming it is far too lenient and will have little impact on a team and company as wealthy as Red Bull. However, Horner insists it will hinder the team’s chances in 2023, although he says that will be offset by increased motivation levels within the team.

“It will have an effect on both [finances and car development],” said Horner in a specially arranged press conference. “It’s a one-to-one effect. We can't do as many wind tunnel runs, we cannot do as many simulations.

“That will have a material effect on our performance. It’s difficult to put a lap time figure but one could assume… These regulations are still pretty immature and development is still pretty steep. It could be anywhere between 0.25 and 0.5 of a second of lap time.

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“But what we’ve lost in ATR [aerodynamic testing restrictions], we’ve gained in motivation. I’ve never seen a more motivated group of individuals who have done an outstanding job both this year and last year in a regulation change that has probably been the biggest in the last 40 years.

“We might have lost 10 per cent in ATR but I think we’ve gained 25 per cent in motivation from every single staff member at Milton Keynes.”


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