Martin Brundle gets F1 wish as FIA consider major rule change for 2023

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The Sky Sports commentator claimed during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that DRS zones had to be shortened as overtaking had become too easy. However, the FIA has now admitted they are considering tweaks after noticing passes had become too straightforward.

Speaking to Autosport, the FIA’s head of single-seaters, Nikolos Tombazis, suggested the DRS should not be providing a guaranteed pass. He explained: “In some races, we may well need to actually reduce the DRS zones.

“We don’t want overtaking to be, as we say, inevitable or actually easy. It still has to be a fight. If it happens too quickly, if you just see a car approaching and then going by and disappearing, it’s actually worse than being at the back and fighting.

“It needs the right balance to be found there.” F1 introduced new regulations at the start of the season in a bid to increase overtaking.

The new changes have allowed cars to run closer together but there is a consensus that the difference between cars with a DRS open and closed has become too strong. Brundle identified the problem and came up with a simple solution while commentating on the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

He explained: ”You have to say the DRS by and large has been too strong this year hasn’t it. Passes are made down the straight and they need to be made under braking. They need to put you in play to make the overtake not to actually just plain overtake. They need to shorten the distances, delay the activation.”

F1 has already confirmed they will experiment with new DRS changes next season with drivers able to activate the tool a lap earlier during sprint races.

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Managing director Ross Brawn also raised some concerns about the DRS before his retirement. He claimed the sport should not be afraid to reduce the DRS at some circuits where it could be too powerful.

Brawn added: “The one thing we know is fans, and we know this because we don’t like it, they don’t like the ‘go down the straight, pop the DRS, overtake, drive fast, pull a gap’ all of that. I think in an ideal world DRS is used just to get on the back of someone, so you can really have a decent attack.”

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