Martin Brundle’s most iconic grid walks and blunders after Miami GP horror show

Brundle mistakes basketball star for NFL player in Miami GP gaffe

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Martin Brundle endured a horror show ahead of the Miami Grand Prix on Sunday as he awkwardly worked his way through a star-studded grid in search of interviews with sportspeople and celebrities. And Express Sport takes a look at the Sky Sports commentator’s most iconic walks after an embarrassing day Stateside.

Miami horror show

The glamour of F1 was amplified to its maximum at the weekend as a whole host of star names descended on the Miami Grand Prix. But Brundle was a man under pressure as he had the task of hunting down the most famous faces to grab a word with.

The national treasure missed plenty of well-known people, including footballers Kaka and Neymar. He also suffered the embarrassment of interviewing Paolo Banchero thinking he was NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes. And he was ignored by David Beckham.

The 62-year-old later took to Twitter to reveal how much he hates doing grid walk interviews. “You have no idea how much I dislike doing them but somehow those crazy moments have defined my professional career,” Brundle wrote.

Brundle gets shut down by Megan Thee Stallion entourage

Ahead of last October’s United States Grand Prix in Austin, Brundle attempted to speak to superstar rapper Megan Thee Stallion. But her entourage were having none of it. She initially answered Brundle’s first question as she batted away her bodyguard, who was walking in front of her.

“I have no rap today, I’m sorry,” said the 27-year-old after being questioned by Brundle. But when the Sky man asked the rapper who she would be supporting, another member of her team ushered him away. “She seemed very happy to talk, didn’t she, that was very nice of her and I appreciate that,” a disgruntled Brundle said as he wandered off in the opposite direction.

Awkward interview with Ozzy Osbourne

Brundle was working for ITV when he came across Ozzy Osbourne at the Canadian Grand Prix in 2003. “I want to interview this bloke because he’s a complete and utter fruitcake,” Brundle said to the camera. And the interview went as expected.

Brundle opened by saying he’d heard Ozzy’s wife Sharon had received some good news in the week. “I’m doing the, currently we’re writing a musical about the life and time of Rasputin, the mad monk, and we just got, uh, they’re allowing it to go on Broadways,” replied a confused Osbourne.

Brundle responded with, “alright, I’ll try and think of a question to go with that answer,” before asking Osbourne if he’d brought the dogs with him. The Black Sabbath star proceeded to tell Brundle his dogs were “all at home s***ing,” before the interview was brought to an abrupt end.

Brundle wants David Beckham answers from Roberto Carlos

Osbourne may have struggled to understand Brundle’s questions but at least he couldn’t use a language barrier as an excuse for his confused answers – unlike former Brazil footballer Roberto Carlos.

At the 2003 Spanish Grand Prix, Brundle tracked down Carlos and asked him if he could shed light on the rumours that he would soon be joined at Real Madrid by England superstar Beckham. Carlos had already revealed: “I don’t understand English,” and kept quiet, although he did have a knowing look on his face. Brundle promptly walked away smiling as he declared: “That’s good, ‘no comprende.’” Beckham ultimately moved to Real less than two months later.

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More toilet talk from Kimi Raikkonen

If Brundle was looking for a straight-talking interviewee, he didn’t need to look past Kimi Raikkonen at the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix. Brundle took the Finnish driver to task after he had missed a presentation by legendary Brazilian footballer Pele before the race. “I was having a s***,” came Raikkonen’s response. A slightly embarrassed Brundle composed himself before replying: “Well obviously you’ll have a nice light car on the grid then.”

The cheese counter queue

During the 2010 season, Sebastian Vettel was well on his way to claiming a first F1 title – so he was hot property with the media. And at one race, Brundle sought out the German, only to find he was being swarmed by a whole host of other journalists. “Are we in a queue?” Brundle asked Sky Deutschland’s Tanja Bauer.

When he was told there was indeed a queue, he quipped: “Do we need to take a ticket like we’re at a cheese counter?” And he proceeded to brush past Bauer, skip the queue and speak to Vettel there and then. “I’m in trouble,” Brundle then told the camera as he hurried away after the interview.

Brundle and Christian Horner face off

Christian Horner dug Brundle out at the 2014 Singapore Grand Prix as he lauded the circuit. “It’s a shame you’re too old to have driven here really – you would have liked it,” remarked the Red Bull chief. And the quick-thinking Brundle scorned Horner with the perfect putdown. “I am too old – shame you weren’t fast enough to get to Formula One,” came the reply.

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