Nikita Mazepin apologies to Lewis Hamilton for dangerous Turkish Grand Prix move

Lewis Hamilton has received an apology from Nikita Mazepin after he made a dangerous move at the Turkish GP.

During the race, the 22-year-old was set to be overlapped by the race leaders and he soon saw the seven-time champion in his rear view.

The Mercedes driver wanted to overtake Mazepin on the inside of Turn 11, but was squeezed out of a move.

The Haas driver revealed he would reach out to say sorry and denied it was a calculated move.

“First of all, extremely sorry to Lewis. I’ve been complaining to the team that I can’t see anything with the mirrors, and I do need proper guidance in my ears on where the other cars are, because the spray – and Turkey isn’t exactly the cleanest spray that we have, so it flies and dries out – so I was driving blind,” Mazepin is quoted by .

“When you get so many cars overtaking you lapping you actually not once, but even twice, it was just a disaster.

“I’m happy that we managed to get away, but I’ll see Lewis and I’ll apologise to him.”

This is not the first time Mazepin has been involved in a near-miss, as has was accused of endangering the life of Haas team-mate Mick Schumacher by a pair of former racing greats last month.

He came under fire for a racing manoeuvre undertaken during the Dutch Grand Prix, which appeared to be particularly dangerous.

Mazepin and Schumacher were fighting one another for track position when he steered aggressively to the right, almost forcing the German – son of F1 legend Michael – into the pit wall.

Both Ralf Schumacher – brother of seven-time world champion Michael and uncle of Mick – and 2016 world champion Nico Rosberg have since publicly condemned the actions of the hot-headed 22-year-old.

“Such action at high speed is life-threatening,” Ralf told Sky. “The team has to intervene. The risk he is taking does not suit his talent. Günther Steiner must intervene.

“Even if the money [from Mazepin’s father] is needed, the price can never be so high that you endanger the team.”

“If I were in a duel with Mazepin on a straight, I would be really scared,” Rosberg added. “It’s not possible what he does there.”

The F1 circuit will head to Austin, Texas for the United States GP on October 24.

After an underwhelming fifth-placed finish, Hamilton now trails Max Verstappen in the driver’s championship by six points after the Red Bull driver crossed the line in second place at Istanbul Park yesterday.

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