Pierre Gasly flips out after almost crashing with a tractor in Japan

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Pierre Gasly fumed after almost crashing with a tractor during the opening lap of the Japanese Grand Prix. Scary on-board camera footage showed just how little he could see during the start of the race as a piece of debris got stuck to the front of his car, despite not leaving the track.

That, combined with the poor visibility from the spray, left the Frenchman unable to see. A number of drivers crashed out and one of the removal vehicles made its way onto the track.

But under the yellow flag Gasly almost collided with the huge yellow tractor.

“God! What the?! What is this tractor?! What is this tractor on track? I passed next to it, This is unacceptable! What has happened? Can’t believe this,” Gasly fumed over his team radio.

Gasly got out of his car and was caught on camera having a heated discussion with a member of his team in the garage.

Alex Wurz, chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association, tweeted his outrage at the incident which could have had fatal consequences.

He said: “I think we need to discuss a tractor on track….. we can keep it short: this must NOT happen guys.”


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