What Lewis Hamilton said to Lando Norris in Russian GP paddock after McLaren squander win

After heartbreak for Lando Norris at the Russian Grand Prix, the 21-year-old and Lewis Hamilton have shared a moment in the paddock in the aftermath of the race after the seven-time world champion picked up his 100th win in Sochi.

Drama unfolded in the closing 10 laps of the Russian Grand Prix as the rain began to fall with Norris leading the way from Hamilton. Initially the slicks looked to be holding on the the changing conditions, with Hamilton warned that more rain would be coming before the race finished.

Initally Hamilton ignored a call to come in to change for the intermediate tyres, with Norris in the McLaren also opting to remain out, but as the rain began to fall heavier, Mercedes dove into the pits to change.

But McLaren stayed out with Norris, who became increasingly unable to control the car as the conditions worsened, watching his chance for a maiden win slipping through his fingers as the rain began to fall.

With Norris falling behind, he was forced to finally pit with just a few laps remaining, dropping down the order from the lead with Hamilton clinching the win.

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Whilst being interviewed by Sky Sports F1 afterwards in the pen however, the pair were able to discuss the closing stages of the race, with Hamilton admitting he had firstly ignored his team’s orders to come in, adding: “I was like, he’s right there, and I guess you were looking in the mirrors and doing the same thing.

“Until then,” Norris responded. “It was dry enough for slicks, was just five and seven which was tough, but the inside line was all dry, so our decision, what I got told was the rain was going to stay like that, apparently what you got told was different.”

Hamilton meanwhile had been told extensively on the radio that rain was coming, and it was due to increase before the race was through.

“Yeah, my team were pretty, well they were great today,” added Hamilton. “But I ignored the first call, I was like no he’s right there.”


“No, I know, I ignored them the whole time,” was the response from a dejected Norris.

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