Demons flexible on move to hubs despite having other jobs, says coach

Melbourne is prepared and likely able to send the vast majority of their AFLW squad into a hub or a stint interstate if that is required to complete the season, according to coach Mick Stinear.

The AFLW season is set to kick off on January 28, but with Australia's interstate borders impacted by differing closures and travel rules, and the possibility of more outbreaks always on the cards, the fixture needs to be flexible.

Melbourne coach Mick Stinear says his side could go into a hub if needed. Credit:Getty Images

The GWS Giants have relocated to South Australia, from Albury, because of this, while Western Australia's strict border rules have thrown West Coast and Fremantle's plans into uncertainty.

At this stage hubs are not on the agenda, but they are part of contingency plans should Australia's pandemic situation get worse and borders close.

While AFL players could spend most of the season in interstate hubs because their sport is their only job, this is not the case for most AFLW players.

However, Stinear said his players had already spoken to their other employers about interstate hubs and most would be able to enter them.

"The majority of our players have the flexibility to move into a hub or interstate for a period of time, that would be OK with their employers and family life," he said.

"It would only impact one to three players in the group.

"It would have more of an impact on staff with young families, they might have work and [have] family responsibilities.

"But we have enough depth with players and staff we will find a way to make it work."

Meanwhile, the Demons have come up with an interesting way of improving their scoreboard accuracy.

In partnership with sponsors Zurich, Melbourne will donate a footy equipment pack to a community club for every goal they score, in a "Goals for Good" campaign.

"Last year we were third for shots on goal but we finished as one of the lowest ranked teams for accuracy and efficiency inside 50," Stinear said.

"Fremantle and North Melbourne from last year were consistently able to kick high scores, we want to be able to match it with them, the best.

"It's about contributing and having an impact more than in just the game, so when we finish the season we aren't just defined by win/loss. We can have a more meaningful say in the community."

Players will nominate the clubs that get the packs but clubs can also apply to be a part of the initiative.

"When the goals start coming the players will head to those clubs to present the packs and getting involved in training," he said.

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