Exeter’s wish to take on world set to be granted, according to Euro Clubs’ boss

Double winners Exeter are to get their wish to shoot for global glory, according to European clubs boss Simon Halliday.

Chiefs chairman Tony Rowe greeted his club’s Premiership-Champions Cup triumph by declaring: “I want to be the premier club in the world.”

Halliday responded: “Our hope is that there will be a World Club Champions’ Cup in the 2021/22 season. That is what we are proposing.

“There’s a lot of talking points, a lot of things we need to make certain work for both us and the southern hemisphere.

“But there seems to be a will both in the north and the south to develop something that could be very exciting.

“Something that is more global and which enhances revenue which, god knows, everyone in the game needs.”

Halliday, chief executive of European Professional Club Rugby, wants to stage the competition once every four years, involving the quarter-finalists from each of the two hemispheres' cross-border club competitions.

“The beauty of our proposal is we are observing the current calendar,” he added. “We are extracting from within our own tournament window.

“Our proposal also makes sure no additional pressure is put on the elite players, because we are the last people wanting to impose unnecessary matches or tournaments on the resources we rely on for the business that we run.

“But I say ‘let’s be ambitious and think about things that can work’ whilst respecting how we can move forward alongside the international game.”

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