‘Pretty weak’: Titans officials slammed for hiding behind Holbrook in Gordon drug case

The Gold Coast Titans have been slammed for their handling of Michael Gordon’s arrest after throwing Justin Holbrook to the wolves, while senior club officials hid from the media.

Gordon was stood down by the club after being arrested and charged for his alleged involvement in a drug syndicate over the weekend.

Channel 9s Danny Weidler blasted the Titans for failing to front up and answer some basic questions and leaving it to their second year coach.

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Former Titans player Michael Gordon arrested

NRL: Former Gold Coast Titans player and assitant coach Michael Gordon has been arrested and charged.

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“It is bad, we are not saying Michael Gordon is guilty of anything because he obviously has his chance to prove his innocence,” Weidler said on The Big Sports Breakfast.

“But where it is bad from my perspective is Garth Brennan the previous coach of the Titans had lengthy discussions with management at the Titans and told them he had concerns.

“I’m not going to say what those concerns were, but he had concerns about Michael Gordon and a couple of other people at the club and the culture that was existing at the Titans.

“He told them that things had to change at the club. But he was told no we are going to keep going as we are.”

While the matter is before the courts the Titans officials are limited in what they can say, but have so far hid behind a short media release.

“Michael has been working on a contract basis, providing specialist coaching services to the club over the past season,” the statement said.


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“He will not be providing services to the club until further notice.

“The club will make no further comment as the issue is now with police.”

Gordon is set to face Tweed Heads Local Court on December 14 and Weidler believes the Titans fans and stakeholders deserved more transparency from the key officials involved.

“Now I really think some of those officials are under pressure at the Gold Coast Titans,” Weidler said.

Former Titans coach Garth Brennan reportedly had concerns about Michael Gordon.Source:Getty Images

“They ducked and weaved yesterday when they could have easily fronted the media and explained the situation and dealt with the suggestion that Garth Brennan had issues with Michael Gordon at the club when he was coach and was concerned about some of his behaviours.

“Instead they chucked up the coach Justin Holbrook and he had to face the media, which is totally unacceptable by the Gold Coast Titans.

“This is an issue now for their management. Their management showed they are pretty weak yesterday by not fronting up and facing some questions.

“If they can’t face some questions from journos how are they going to change the culture at that club that needs changing or has some issues?

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