RFU says domestic rugby continues despite coronavirus outbreak

Domestic rugby in the UK is to continue this weekend amid the coronavirus outbreak, the RFU has confirmed, unless there are “significant mitigating circumstances”.

Despite sport across the world shutting down, including all professional football across the UK, the RFU says league, cup and grassroots matches will go ahead “as usual” over March 14 and 15.

This includes the clashes in the Championship between Ampthill and Cornish Pirates, and Doncaster and Coventry – and despite the Six Nations game between Wales and Scotland in Cardiff being postponed.

An RFU spokesperson told Sky Sports News: “Current Government advice is that amateur and professional sporting events should go ahead unless there are significant mitigating circumstances.

“In line with many other sports, rugby union league and cup matches and the grassroots game in England is to be played as usual this weekend, unless there is a specific reason to postpone identified by the clubs.

“We will continually review this based on Government advice.”

The RFU are actively discussing their approach with other sports including associates in the Football Association (FA) and rugby clubs can choose to postpone fixtures one of two criteria are met.

The first is if either a coronavirus cases has been reported or suspected in relation to a player and/or individuals connected to a club (or closely connected to a club, player or such other individual connected to a club).

The other is if such individuals are subject to the Governmental advice to self-isolate.

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