’Still a good person’: Troubled star breaks down during interview

Paul Vaughan’s career is in tatters after seeing his $800,000 contract torn to shreds after his Covid breach.

Vaughan hosted a party that was attended by numerous Dragons players — including Jack de Belin and Corey Norman — and has seen hefty fines and suspensions handed down to all involved.

The prop saw his contract terminated due to his third breach of contract.

Vaughan finally broke his silence over the scandal, and seemed resigned to his fate during meetings with the Dragons hierarchy.

“I understand there was things in place they had to look at today in the investigation,” said Vaughan on NRL 360.

“I did understand that that was going to go forward, I just had to sort of wait and hear the outcome of what was going to happen.”

Vaughan finds himself without a club after being sacked by the Dragons.Source:Getty Images

“It was a very, very bad judgment call on my behalf and it was obviously very stupid and I’m deeply, deeply remorseful and sorry for what’s happened. I can’t express that enough.

“Like I said, it was a terrible judgment call and one that I very much regret.

“Obviously not the right thing to do, in hindsight it was a very stupid thing to do.”

Despite Vaughan now finding himself without a club, he believes he still has plenty to offer to the game.

“I really hope not,” Vaughan said on whether it was the end for him in rugby league.

Vaughan believes he still has a role to play for a willing NRL club.Source:Getty Images

“It really pains me to see the impact that it’s had on the game. It’s hit me really hard, it’s really heartbreaking for me.

“I never wanted this to happen and I’d love to continue playing NRL.

“I still have a burning desire to not only continue on playing but to prove myself to people that I’m a good person and to repay the faith.

“I’m a good person, I truly believe that, I just want to show people that and if I get the opportunity to play again, I’d love to do that.”

Vaughan began to break down when NRL 360 co-host Paul Kent asked him what went through his mind when the police came knocking.

“I don’t really have the answers,” Vaughan said.

A number of other Dragons players attended the party, including controversial star Jack de Belin and Corey Norman.

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