6 worst statues of footballers after Sergio Aguero’s that took 9 months to build

There's no better way to honour a sporting great than by building a statue – a permanent memorial to encapsulate their finest moment or lasting legacy.

Bobby Moore's statue outside Wembley Stadium is perfect, Sir Tom Finney's outside Deepdale in Preston is gorgeous, but enough about the good ones – it's much more entertaining when they're completely rubbish. Last week Manchester City unveiled a new statue, honouring Sergio Aguero and his 93rd-minute title-clinching goal against QPR in 2012. As poignant a tribute as it was given the Argentine striker's premature retirement last year, fans weren't super impressed.

Some thought it looked mote like Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos, while others thought it looked like he was singing in the shower while washing his back with loofah from certain angles. Though jokes aside, it's not a complete eyesore … unlike the others on this list. So without any further ado, here are six footballer statues that are absolutely terrible.

Mo Salah

Where do we even begin with this one? It looks like a cross between a novelty dashboard bobble-head and a Diana Ross-inspired washing-up sponge.

Everything is comically out of proportion. Salah's head is about 16 times bigger than his body, his hands have webbed fingers and for some weird reason the sculptor decided to give him one hell of an Adam's apple.

Others say he resembles Coronation Street's Gail Platt, or Dobby the house elf from Harry Potter. I wonder which comparison Mo would prefer?

Are there any terrible statues we've missed off our list? Let us know if there are in the comments section.

Gareth Bale

From the same 'artist' who created that Cristiano Ronaldo monstrosity (oh, we'll get to that), this Gareth Bale bust – built for the 2017 Champions League final in Cardiff – looks suspiciously like Barcelona's Gerard Pique at first glance.

In fairness it looks a bit like Bale, particularly seeing as it captures the look of total indifference the Real Madrid superstar has had on face while warming the bench for the past four seasons.

But ultimately, if this was handed in as a GSCE art project, no one would bat an eyelid.

Luis Suarez

Why is he hailing a taxi?

This Luis Suarez statue, which appeared in Uruguay back in 2016, look like it's about to be burned at the stake on Guy Fawkes' Night.

Add into the mix his weird 2D face and bizarrely shiny clothes, it looks like someone bought a Suarez football figurine and supersized it. Simply terrible.

Michael Essien

This charmingly creepy Michael Essien abomination went viral after being spotted in the former Chelsea man's native Ghana back in 2018.

The artist has apparently kept his identity a secret, which is a shame because we have a lot of questions. Why is he dancing to Stayin' Alive? What's with the weird, alien hands? Why has he got Harry Maguire's forehead?

In fairness, at least you can actually tell who the statue is supposed to be of, unlike …

Cristiano Ronaldo

This will never not be funny – not least because everyone, including Cristiano Ronaldo, had to take it so seriously when it was unveiled at Madeira Airport back in 2017.

It looks nothing like him. It's as simple as that. The goofy smile, the iced gems haircut, the soulless stare in his eyes. Nothing in the history of terrible statues will ever top this.

After a cacophony of awful reviews, the artist was offered a mulligan, and his second attempt was … presentable. But nothing will ever be able to wash our minds of this absolute abortion of a sculpture.

Michael Jackson

OK look, we know he isn't a footballer, but we can't leave Michael Jackson getting a statue outside Craven Cottage off this list now can we?

The only pertinent question with this one is, Why?!? Sure, Fulham owner Mohamed Al-Fayed and MJ were sort of mates or whatever, but the King of Pop had less in common with the west London club than he did with a balanced mental state.

And it stood outside the club's ground for two years. Two actual human years! Delicious madness.

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