Agents will get a THIRD chance to pass their FIFA football exams

Agents will get a THIRD chance to pass their FIFA exams, with candidates able to sit their next test from home after WiFi issues hampered the latest round of exams in Birmingham last week

  • 700 representatives had their intermediaries test hampered by WiFi issues
  • They will get another chance to pass their exams, and can sit them from home
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Football agents who have twice failed their FIFA football exams are going to be given a third chance – by being allowed to take the test again at home.

In a controversial move, the 700 representatives who were hampered by WiFi issues when they took their intermediaries test in Birmingham last week have been informed they’ll another opportunity to pass and keep their license.

But there may be no “additional chance” for those who sat the exam in Wales or Scotland.

Agents who had already failed their first exam in April and took a re-sit in Birmingham were informed on Wednesday they would be given a extra chance, with the latest test taking place remotely.

A message to them from the FA Player Status team confirmed: ‘Dear candidate, further to our communication last week regarding the exam at the NEC in Birmingham, please note that successful candidates will be notified shortly if they have passed via the FIFA Agent Platform.

Football agents who failed their FIFA football exams in Birmingham last week will get another chance

WiFi issues hampered the exam at Birmingham’s NEC Arena last week

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‘Unsuccessful candidates will not receive a notification. They will be provided the opportunity to re-sit the exam remotely. Details of this will be provided in due course.’

The decision could cause anger among rival agents who took their exams outside Birmingham and fear candidates allowed to re-sit again could benefit from doing it on Zoom rather than being in a controlled environment.

All agents ordinarily have two chances to pass the exam they need to be officially registered but the second test in Birmingham descended into chaos because of WiFi problems. Some candidates were forced to start the exam 40 minutes late and loudspeaker interruptions about technical updates affecting concentration.

A FIFA spokesperson said at the time: ‘FIFA is aware of technical issues experienced today during the sitting of the FIFA Football Agent exam in Birmingham as some candidates were unable to complete the exam in time.

‘FIFA is in contact with The FA, who are responsible for the implementation of each exam, to ensure that those affected are able to re-sit the exam in the coming days.’

The first sittings took place in April. Nearly half of those who sat that test, across the football world, failed. Some of those impacted at the NEC were re-sitting.


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