Almost half of England and Wales fans would skip work and funerals for World Cup

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    Nearly 50% of England and Wales fans say they would risk their employment and the respect of their family and friends, to watch their sides battle it out at the World Cup.

    In a few days time, millions across both countries will tune in to their televisions and radios, perhaps on the quiet, to watch Gareth Southgate and Rob Page’s side begin their World Cup campaigns. On Monday, the English will be looking to elongate their lunch breaks as much as possible to watch the Three Lions take on Iran in Qatar.

    On the same night, the majority of Wales fans will be able to watch their side’s opening match against USA in the evening. However, they will have to get creative, as their second match against Iran kicks off at 10am. However, almost half of respondents said they would try and miss work or even a funeral, to watch their sides battle it out for World Cup glory.

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    A poll from Paddy Power states 47% of English fans would skive off work, while 41% of the Welsh people would do the same to watch Gareth Bale and co. And 13% of respondents also claimed they will try and fool their employer every time one of their World Cup matches clashes with the working day.

    However, there are many more disciplined fans who are willing to put their employment before their patriotism, providing the game can be put on in the office. 15% of Three Lions fans said they will be able to content themselves if they can watch the match while on shift in the office.

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    And 40% of respondents also said they would gladly miss a seminar or a lecture to watch their nations on the television during the competition. However, a small, but yet significant, fraction of the country said they would miss a funeral to watch the Three Lions.

    A shocking 10% of England fans admitted they would not turn up at a funeral if England were competing at the time. And 7% of respondents also said they would still show up at the funeral but would not be able to stop themselves from checking the scoreline during the ceremony.

    And if you did not think the above was outrageous enough, 7% of respondents also said they would be willing to interrupt sex to check how the Three Lions are getting on.

    “With the World Cup clashing with Christmas and work, few could be blamed for plotting to skive,” a spokesperson from Paddy Power said. “And you can’t fault the passion of the 7% who admitted they’d pause play between the sheets to check on the score!”


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