Blur’s Song 2 only number 7 on list of most streamed FIFA songs of all time

Blur's Song 2 comes in seventh on the list of the most streamed FIFA songs of all time with John Newman, Billie Eilish and Imagine Dragons also securing sports in the top 10.

A by-product of the best-selling sporting games franchise has been their ever popular soundtracks which have introduced up-and-coming music as well as given a new lease of life to tried and tested anthems.

Online gaming site has analysed Spotify data to discover the number of streams every song featured on a FIFA soundtrack has ever received from FIFA: World Cup '98 to FIFA 22 with the new edition just weeks from worldwide release.

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One of the big-named bands to miss out on the top ten is Gorillaz, with Damon Albarn finding himself on the list with his other major passion project.

Also finding themselves outside of the top 10 are Muse, Labrinth, Kygo and Major Lazer, with Vance Joy's Mess Is Mine coming in 10th with 395,291,133 streams.

Rosalia & Ozuna's Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi from 2020 is next up with streams of 465,460,354, with John Newman's iconic Love Me Again from 2014 in eighth at 465,460,354.

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Then comes Blur's Song 2 from way back in 1998 with streams of 560,576,371 – going strong as the oldest song on the list with Spotify not founded until 2006.

MGMT's Kids from 2009 is in six with 599,007,927, with Way Down We Go by Kaleo securing fifth spot with 643,561,438 streams on the platform.

Claiming an impressive fourth are Imagine Dragons with On Top of the World from 2013, bagging 683,964,847 streams in just under a decade.

Billie Eilish is in third with her 2019 smash hit you should see me in a crown with streams of 692,812,784, with The Nights by the late AVICII one of only two tracks on FIFA to break the one million barrier with 1,163,964,283.

Topping the list with a jaw-dropping 1,946,964,717 streams is Heat Waves by Glass Animals from 2021 – which isn't too far off Ed Sheeran's Spotify leader Shape of You.

Take a look at the full top 10 FIFA songs in terms of Spotify streams below.

10. Vance Joy – Mess Is Mine – 2015 – 395,291,133

9. Rosalia & Ozuna – Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi – 2020 – 465,460,354

8. John Newman – Love Me Again – 2014 – 494,064,676

7. Blur – Song 2 – 1998 – 560,576,371

6. MGMT – Kids – 2009 – 599,007,927

5. Kaleo – Way Down We Go – 2016 – 643,561,438

4. Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World – 2013 – 683,964,847

3. Billie Eilish – you should see me in a crown – 2019 – 692,812,784

2. AVICII – The Nights – 2015 – 1,163,964,283

1. Glass Animals – Heat Waves – 2021 – 1,946,964,717


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