Bruno Fernandes responds to Luke Shaw’s passing comments at Man Utd

Bruno Fernandes has admitted he takes more risks than his Manchester United team-mates when it comes to passing.

The £46million signing has impressed since arriving and scored three goals and posted four assists in eight appearances so far.

Luke Shaw recently pointed out that Fernandes will lose possession while playing in such an attacking manner but that it's a risk worth taking.

“At times we know he’s going to lose possession, but we need them sort of risk passes that are going to unlock defences,” said Shaw of Fernandes.

“He’s been a brilliant signing so far and he’s already come in with a few assists and a few important goals.

“We will keep pushing the standards and we’ll keep pushing him because there’s so much more from him to come.”

Fernandes has now spoken about his passing and admitted that he will occasionally lose the ball but insists he is not worried about what others think.

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“I think I'm a different player from the others,” Fernandes told Sky Sports.

“Everyone has a different mould to play, maybe I take more risks, maybe other players don't take as many, maybe I shoot more, some players pass more, some of the players make more tackles, everyone is different in a club. Some players are similar but they're never the same player.

"I'm a player who normally likes to take the risk, give the last pass and try to give more assists to my team-mates so I need to take the risk.

“It doesn't matter for me if someone off the field is not happy about my pass, I will respect it but I will keep trying.

"Normally, everyone says the guys who are good on the ball are not good enough off the ball.

“I try to be better with the ball but also have in my mind these kinds of thing like the reaction when I lose it, being hungry when things don't go wrong and hungry when you pass and it goes to your partner, but it's not good enough and you need to do a little bit more.

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"I think I look at the details because if you want to be better and one of the best, you need to look at the details.

“It's not about finishing the game and if you get an assist and have a good game, you don't need to watch the game to see if you made some mistakes or not.

"And when you think 'today I didn't play really well so I need to watch everything and see where I did my mistakes'.

“Sometimes, when I feel like I played a bad game, I don't watch [it back]. I have in my mind that I need to do better and I know what I did wrong because you know what is the wrong pass, the wrong shot, the wrong decision and when you do well, you have to look.

"Maybe you have an assist but you need to look at if that assist can be better because sometimes, it be better but you can't do better.

“It's difficult to explain but think I need to look at the details to be better."

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