Carragher spotted smiling as he silences Neville with swipe at Man Utd

Jamie Carragher silenced a Gary Neville rant on Liverpool with a subtle swipe at Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United and a wry smile.

The Sky Sports pundits were discussing the best English teams in history, when the current Liverpool side under Jurgen Klopp was brought up.

Sky Sports host David Jones mentioned that Neville has been unusually complimentary about Liverpool's achievements in recent months, prompting Carragher to say: "It looks as if it's going to happen for a long time."

Neville was dismissive of the suggestion, and responded with a rant on why people shouldn't get carried away with Liverpool just yet.

He replied to Carragher: "No it's not going to happen for a long time.

"What we hear these days, and we have got to be careful of this, 'Oh they are going to dominate for years, they're going to do this for years.'

"Let's just calm down for a bit. If they go and dominate for years, great, but let them do it first. Every time a team wins the league [we hear] an era of domination is going to start.

"I heard it when Jose Mourinho was at Chelsea, I heard it when Arsene Wenger was at Arsenal. It never happened, it never happened.

"They did it for a couple of years and that was it.

"Sir Alex Ferguson dominated for 15 to 20 years. He rebuilt three teams, unbelievable achievement, he did it, he dominated

"Liverpool in the 70s and 80s they dominated for a long period. I think [Man] City for the last seven or eight years could call it – there's an element of domination in what they have done.

"Winning the league under Roberto Mancini, [Manuel] Pellegrini, and now twice under Pep Guardiola; four times in six, seven years, winning league cups and FA Cups.

"If they can add a Champions League to that you could call it an era of domination.

"Liverpool would have to do that over a five, six, seven-year period to call it an era of domination. And that's still yet to happen."

Feeling pretty content with the point he had made, Neville sat back in his seat allowing Carragher to take centre-stage.

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