Cesc Fabregas recreates Eddie Murphy scene during coronavirus lockdown

Former Chelsea and Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas showed he's not about to let the coronavirus get the better of him by shouting a friendly hello to his neighbours.

The Spaniard, 32, who now resides in Monaco, took to his plush balcony to greet nearby residents via a famous line from one of his favourite films.

In the video posted on his Instagram account, Fabregas can be seen striding out on to the balcony overlooking columns of hotels and apartments.

A dock with some small boats and a few larger yachts can be seen in the background of the shot.

Fabregas walks out, throws both arms up into the air and the 32-year-old then appears to shout: "Good morning my neighbours!"

An imaginary resident shouts: "Hey, f*** you!" as it becomes clear that the audio has in fact been dubbed over the top of the video.

Fabregas appears to reply: "Yes, yes! F*** you too!" before he moves away from the balcony.

The line was made famous by John Landis' Coming to America, released in 1988. The line is spoken by Eddie Murphy, who plays the character of Prince Akeem.

Footballers have been doing all they can to entertain themselves after the sporting calendar came to an abrupt halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Some have been taking part in the challenge that has been widely shared on the internet involving playing keepy-uppy with a roll of toilet paper.

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