Champions League streaker Kinsey Wolanski sends fans wild with football skills

Champions League streaker Kinsey Wolanski sent her fans wild as she showed off her impressive football skills on social media.

The social media influencer shot to fame back in 2019 after she ran onto the pitch in the Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at the Wanda Metropolitano in Madrid. Her antics were part of a stunt to promote her then-boyfriend's adult site as she ran interrupted the match while wearing a black swimsuit.

Almost three years on, she still holds a strong social media following and has sent those fans crazy by sharing footage of her football skills.

Wolanski uploaded a clip of her juggling a ball, shooting at a goal, dribbling and doing turns to her Instagram, captioning the clip: “The only way I can convince myself to run is by grabbing a ball and playing around. I’m always so active but I gotta say I hate running haha.”

She even bent the ball into the top corner with one long range shot as well as successfully hitting the crossbar from distance, with the post racking up almost 34,000 likes.

Her fans praised her footballing ability in the comments section, with one writing: “Amazing! There is nothing you can’t do!” Another added: “Better than me.”

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A third fan also wrote: “The best striker is here.” While one joked she should return to her streaking ways at this year's Champions League final, commenting: “We are waiting for you at the “Stade de France” on May 28.”

Since streaking in Madrid, Wolanski has amassed 3.6million followers on Instagram, having seen an overnight spike in her online following after the incident.

While she did spend the night in a Spanish jail cell after being arrested for the stunt, Wolanski admitted to Names magazine in 2021 that: "I’m very thankful for that experience as it grew my platform that I now have to share and connect with a wider audience across the world."

She also added: "I definitely wasn’t prepared for what was to follow that game. But going into it I was excited to push things to the limit and see where it would go as I love living life to the fullest!"

Nowadays, Wolanski documents her life with her millions of online followers, showing off glamorous photoshoots and sharing footage of her surfing and skydiving.

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